Interface to CAD/CAM software

Up-to-date cabinet and fittings data for your software

We work closely with CAD/CAM software manufacturers to make it easier to plan and design furniture using Blum products. The suppliers listed will enable you to use Blum fittings with ease. Our software partners integrate Blum fittings data in various forms:

  • Via the Blum Fittings Configurator integrated in the software

  • Via a BXF interface that you can use to apply your planning results from the Cabinet or Product Configurator to your CAD software

  • Via a Blum fittings library that contains all CAD data either as single products or as entire Blum applications

Select a CAD/CAM software provider from the list to find out how they integrate Blum data in their software.


You can also use our free CAD/CAM Data Service for software without integrated Blum CAD/CAM data. This standardised data can be imported into your software.


What are the advantages for you?

  • You reduce planning errors. Collision checked fittings solutions including assembly data, parts lists, fittings data and wooden parts help in this regard

  • You save time. Fittings data are available to you ready for assembly

  • You always have up-to-date data. New fittings are quickly available in your software.

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