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Blum Nachhaltigkeit

Hoechst, Austria | May 2023

Committed to sustainability

In a separate area of its trade fair stand and on the "Boulevard of Sustainability" at interzum in Cologne, Blum is demonstrating the values of the family-run company and its commitment to sustainable business. The focus is on the challenge of precisely analysing the life cycle of the furniture in order to derive and implement appropriate measures.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2023

FOR EVERYONE: Visit three domestic settings

Different requirements, lifestyles and budgets define the demands on kitchen and domestic furniture. With this in mind, Blum is illustrating typical living environments and lifestyles in three different domestic settings at interzum. The fittings manufacturer is showcasing the wide range of its product portfolio using creative furniture solutions.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2023

The compact design and integrated features of the AVENTOS top family are truly impressive

Whether fold up, swing up and over, lift up or pivot up – lift systems for wall cabinets are practical and give total freedom of movement. Blum, the Hoechst-based manufacturer of fittings, offers compact AVENTOS HF top, HS top and HL top versions, as well as the existing AVENTOS HK top, to make dramatic solutions for the lift systems.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2023

Power integrated furniture – safe and systematic

Power or charge devices directly in the drawer, create an atmospheric ambience or provide practical lighting – the furniture of the future will be powered by AMPEROS from Blum. And even better, absolutely no electrical engineering skills are required. The manufacturer of fittings will be presenting its new product at interzum 2023, and has won the interzum "Best of the Best" award.


Hoechst, Austria | July 2022

Blum posts 2.6 billion in turnover at year-end

The fittings specialist from Hoechst, Austria has recorded an 11.2% increase in turnover for the 2021/2022 financial year ended 30 June 2022. This is a growth in turnover of 266 million euros on the previous year. The global demand for kitchens and furniture remains high despite the tense economic situation. Blum has more than 9,422 employees all over the world who strive to be a trusted partner to customers around the globe.

Hoechst, Austria | June 2022

Design prizes for REVEGO and AVENTOS HKi

Product innovations AVENTOS HKi and REVEGO by Blum have won the Red Dot Award 2022 for outstanding design. The unique pocket door system impressed the jury with its fully integrated technology and top quality design, and the AVENTOS HKi integrated lift system won the Red Dot: Best of the Best award. It can’t get any better than that!


Hoechst, Austria | July 2021

Blum records 2.376,75 million euros in turnover at year-end

The family-owned business based in Hoechst, Austria has posted 2,376.75 million euros in Group turnover for the 2020/2021 financial year ended 30 June 2021. This is a growth in turnover of 470 million euros on the previous year. The fittings specialist was able to achieve these positive results thanks to the strong demand for top quality kitchens and furniture from consumers wanting to spruce up their homes. However, shortages in raw materials, especially in steel, have put severe pressure on supply chains.

Licht f.d.Welt_Luis_2 u. seine Mutter Josefa_Mosambik

Hoechst, Austria | June 2021

Blum customers fund 3,333 eye operations

Fittings manufacturer Blum has once again turned signatures into charitable donations. Visitors to the hybrid "Blum CONNECTS" trade fair were invited to sign a guestbook, for which the family-owned company would donate 30 euros for every signature gathered – each donation being enough to fund an eye operation for someone suffering from cataracts. The signatures gathered by Blum in both digital and physical guestbooks will pay for 3,333 life-saving eye operations for young and elderly people.

Blum Connects Interzum 2021

Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Blum CONNECTS: Press conference on the occasion of interzum

Philipp Blum, Managing Director of the Blum Group and André Dorner, Managing Director of Blum Germany report on the Austrian fittings manufacturer’s product innovations and the results of the last financial year at Blum CONNECTS, the interactive interzum experience. Watch recording now!


Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Customer support with a 360° view

Considering the customer's perspective to provide them with comprehensive and useful support – this is what Blum hopes to achieve for its customers and partners in the furniture industry. At interzum 2021, Blum will showcase its range of services for not only trade professionals, but this time also hardware distributors and OEM.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Drawer side as a blank canvas

At interzum 2021, Blum will be showcasing how manufacturers can channel their inspiration into a distinctive drawer design using a range of incredible design possibilities. LEGRABOX, the box system for the highest standards of customisation and design, offers elegant colours and finishes, new branding elements and even customised printed, lasered or embossed drawer sides.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

The right fittings for current furniture trends

Blum aims to achieve furniture with the 'wow' effect through its fittings for lift systems, doors and pull-outs. At interzum 2021, not only will customers see which design trends are currently shaping the furniture industry, they will also see the fittings manufacturer’s response in their product range.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

AVENTOS HKi – optimal integration

Fittings: the more unobtrusive and space-saving they are, the better. At this year's interzum, the Austrian fittings manufacturer is showcasing a brand-new built-in stay lift that blends seamlessly into furniture: AVENTOS HKi is integrated fully into the cabinet side.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Blum extends its AVENTOS lift family

interzum 2021 is where Blum will be unveiling its new AVENTOS top versions – the new members of the lift system family. The latest generation of lift systems are set to impress with their sleek contemporary appearance and improved functionality, albeit with fewer types.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

REVEGO – the solution for flexible use of space

Large cabinet fronts conceal kitchen units, or even entire living areas, according to requirements: REVEGO, the new pocket systems from Blum, enable brand-new design possibilities with supreme ease of use, together with simple planning and assembly.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Future home comforts thanks to connected furniture

At this year’s digital interzum, the Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum is showcasing its infrastructure solutions to bring smart applications to furniture. This infrastructure forms the backbone for future applications and smart ideas from manufacturers of furniture and kitchen units. The fittings specialist is presenting its vision of a connected home in a dedicated area of the digital trade show stand.


Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Efficiently offering variety with award-winning design

MERIVOBOX is an impressive and uniform platform that allows you to create a broad range of drawers with just a few components for which manufacturing and assembly are identical. With its minimalist design, the multiple award-winning box system simplifies production processes and increases manufacturing efficiency.


Hoechst, Austria | July 2020

Blum achieves steady performance despite COVID-19

Thanks to a good start to the 2019/2020 business year, fittings manufacturer Blum from Vorarlberg, Austria records 1,906.92 million euros in group turnover at year-end. This is broadly the same as the previous year’s level and amounts to an increase of 14.9 million or +0.8%. The family-owned business benefits from its commitment to internationalism and remains a trusted partner to its customers despite the difficult global economic conditions.


Höchst, Austria | February 2019

Award winning product design by Blum

International juries are often impressed by the design of Blum products and have frequently recognised their products with awards. The Austrian fittings specialist has now won the German Design Award for two of its latest products: EXPANDO T fixing mechanism and AVENTOS HK top stay lift. What is more, the stay lift has also won the iF Design Award.