Welcome to the new Showroom in Beney Baraq

Showroom in Beney Braq

The showroom is located in a Design Center in Beney Braq in the environs of Tel Aviv, Israel. It is an advanced and surprising information center, which demonstrates our products to the end user in a unique way by using a wide variety of interactive experiential learning tools, combined with the best technologies.

Our purpose:

To give the end user all the data he needs in order to identify his needs and learn about the existing solutions in order to make his decisions at the info center. This way, the consultants in the center are available for adapting the solutions to the customer's plans.

Erez, our virtual host, welcomes the visitors and escorts them during the tour. The visitors view the videos and presentations, listen to explanations about the products by headphones they receive at the entrance, observe, take apart and assemble the products. This enables them to recognize their needs and chose the solutions.

The clients' experience, discover, plan and design their furniture.

Every product has its own postcard.

The customers learn about the products and collect the postcards of the items they have chosen for defying the desired product to the manufacturer.

In the center a free and private guidance is given to the visitors in order to adjust their choice to the plans and also trainings about the DYNAMIC SPACE concept are given by Mr. Erez Kurtzman.

Where to find us:

  • Store no. 119 – entrance level
    2nd, Ha'Lechi St.
    BENEY BRAQ 51100

    Telephone: +972 1599 531060
    Fax: +972 35709056
    Opening Hours:
    Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-21:00
    Friday: 09:30-14:00
    Saturday: 20:30-23:00
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