Clearly distinguishing Blum products

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Original Blum quality

  • Lift systems, doors and drawers are used intensively over the course of their lifetime. Some are even opened and closed more than 200,000 times. Genuine quality fittings quickly pay for themselves and impress with their consistently high quality of motion. We show you how to check if your furniture has been manufactured using genuine Blum fittings.

    • Distinguishing features of original Blum lift systems

      Lift systems

      AVENTOS lift systems bring a high quality of motion to every wall cabinet. With AVENTOS, lift systems are very easy to open and, thanks to integrated BLUMOTION, can also be closed silently and effortlessly.

      Clearly distinguishing the lift systems
    • Distinguishing features of original Blum hinge systems

      Hinge systems

      The extensive range of Blum hinges is characterised by reliable function, high ease of adjustment and assembly and an attractive design.

      Clearly distinguishing the hinge systems
    • Distinguishing features of original Blum box systems

      Box systems – metal drawers

      The Blum box systems LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX and METABOX are characterised by smooth running action, high functionality, outstanding quality and beautiful design.

      Clearly distinguishing the box systems
    • Distinguishing features of original Blum runner systems

      Runner systems for wooden drawers

      Blum's runner systems ensure that wooden drawers and pull-outs open and close with the highest quality of motion. Even heavily laden pull-outs have a feather-light glide.

      Clearly distinguishing the runner systems
    • Distinguishing features of original Blum inner dividing systems

      Inner dividing systems

      Blum's inner dividing systems organise every drawer and pull-out. Items are stored securely and within easy reach. Storage space can be put to optimal use and interiors tailored to individual needs.

      Clearly distinguishing the inner dividing systems
    • Distinguishing features of original Blum motion technologies

      Motion technologies

      Open with just a light touch and close silently and effortlessly – Blum motion technologies ensure an undeniable ease of use and transform the opening and closing of furniture into an experience.

      Clearly distinguishing the motion technologies
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