Automatingorder processes

24/7 access to order data with OMP

Order management support for you

Order management is an important process. The quality of this interface between customers and Blum is decisive for prompt and correct deliveries.

The following systems will assist you with order management:

  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)


ORDER MANAGEMENT AND PROCESSING (OMP) is an electronic service for our customers and partners at our online portal. This electronic service gives our customers safe access to their order data round the clock – from order entry to delivery.

The following data is available for viewing, printing or downloading:

  • Orders
  • Deliveries/advance ship notices/delivery notes
  • Labelling to identify shipping container
  • Invoices
  • Price information
  • Statistics

ORDER MANAGEMENT AND PROCESSING (OMP) is an integral part our E-SERVICES. Blum's E-SERVICES are an internet portal which offers various electronic services to our customers and partners online.

Our customers can obtain access authorisation and a password from their personal Blum contact.

More about E-SERVICES

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

We offer our customers different standardised interfaces for the efficient exchange of data.

  • Interfaces for administrative data: Orders, acceptance of orders, invoices, etc.
  • Interfaces for logistical data: Inventory levels, demand, usage, sales, acknowledgement of receipt of goods, etc.

For customers, this reduces the administrative workload involved in communicating with Blum. In addition, standardised data interchange promotes logistical integration and cooperation between Blum and its customers.


If you have any questions about our services, get in touch with your personal Blum contact or use the following contact form.

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