Mechanical motion support system TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX

TIP-ON BLUMOTION – Well-designed product details

TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX is the perfect mechanical solution for handle-less furniture. The basis for this is provided by the specially designed TANDEMBOX cabinet profile. Varying nominal lengths and weight ranges can be achieved with the different TIP-ON BLUMOTION units. All other components are universal. In other words, TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX is a suitable solution for any application.


  • Full extension with nominal lengths of 270–650 mm
  • Dynamic load bearing capacity of 30 kg and 65 kg
  • Different TIP-ON BLUMOTION units with various strengths for an adapted opening and closing action, depending on weight ranges and nominal lengths
  • Optional synchronisation with cabinet widths ≥ 300 mm
  • Optional fixing for synchronisation linkage and base support bracket recommended for cabinet widths of 750 mm or higher
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Assembly and adjustment

Most TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX components are assembled without tools. Pull-outs and drawers are designed and installed as normal. No additional work is required on the front, e.g. for recessed grips or handle strips. The four-dimensional adjustment ensures a precise gap layout. The integrated depth adjustment can be made tool-free using the adjustment wheel.

Assembly film:


Advantages at a glance:

  • Completely mechanical
  • Minimum front gap of 2.5 mm
  • Extensive trigger range
  • Simple, tool-free assembly
  • 4-dimensional adjustment
  • It is possible to pull to open or manually push to close
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