TANDEMBOX antaroThe minimalist line

TANDEMBOX antaro - The pull-out system with a rectangular gallery

TANDEMBOX antaro - Clear-cut and rectangular all down the line

TANDEMBOX antaro stands for a clear-cut, rectangular design - combined with a gallery or with design elements to create a closed container. All components have been colour coordinated to underline the minimalist design.


  • Selection of colours and materials: Silk white, stainless steel, white aluminium (RAL 9006) and terra black
  • Inner pull-out front fixing is made of the same material; the colour of nylon parts matches that of drawer sides
  • Installation heights: N, M, K, C and D
  • Nominal lengths: 270 - 650 mm
More impressions of TANDEMBOX antaro

Assembly and adjustment

TANDEMBOX antaro can be assembled without tools within a matter of seconds. 3-dimensional front adjustment produces precise gap alignment. Height and side adjustments are quick and easy through an opening on the drawer side. Tilt is adjusted by twisting a section at the front of the rail.

TANDEMBOX antaro high fronted pull-out
TANDEMBOX antaro – assembling the design element
TANDEMBOX antaro tilt adjustment
TANDEMBOX antaro – assembling the inner pull-out
TANDEMBOX antaro – removing the design element
TANDEMBOX antaro – removing the gallery
TANDEMBOX antaro – removing the front
TANDEMBOX antaro – removing the inner pull-out
TANDEMBOX antaro height adjustment
TANDEMBOX antaro side adjustment
Blum assembly devices

Advantages at a glance:

  • Clear-cut, rectangular concept
  • Coordinated colour scheme and minimalist design
  • Easy assembly and 3-dimensional front adjustment
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