One solution – three technologies

A single runner for three motion technologies

The world is complicated enough. Make your life easier with BLUMOTION S: a single runner for three motion technologies. For combination with BLUMOTION, TIP-ON BLUMOTION or SERVO-DRIVE. For LEGRABOX and MOVENTO.


Pull-outs closed with an energetic push need an effective damping system. New BLUMOTION S delivers optimised soft close, so pull-outs close even more softly and effortlessly.


If you’d like even more convenience, opt for a mechanical system that gives you one-touch opening. The runner stays the same - just add the TIP-ON feature without tools. BLUMOTION becomes tried and tested TIP-ON BLUMOTION. And BLUMOTION S gives you perfect soft close.


No hands free? No problem. SERVO-DRIVE delivers electric one-touch opening and soft and effortless closing. All the components needed are compatible with BLUMOTION S for enhanced opening and closing ease.

Familiar assembly

Furniture users’ wishes are becoming more and more complex. BLUMOTION S makes your job easier. You can implement different systems with a single runner. Assembly and installation remain unchanged and simple: you can use existing motion technology components and the same accessories.

Planning and ordering information

This brochure gives you all the information you need about BLUMOTION S (including ordering information).

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