Sales support

Top quality measures for inspiring product displays

Our top quality sales measures will help you create attractive product presentations – outdoors, in your showroom and within the furniture itself. We will gladly give you ideas on how to make our products an inspiring experience.

Advantages for our industrial customers, authorised distributors and cabinet makers

  • More focus on furniture interiors

  • Motivation to try out Blum solutions

  • Inspiring presentation of the benefits of Blum products

  • Convincing selling points which focus on added value

  • Attractive displays for your sales rooms or showrooms that trigger emotions

  • Positioning as a supplier of top quality products

Competent presentation of benefits

Put the spotlight on the interiors of your furniture. Our professional measures for your showrooms accentuate the strengths that lie inside your furniture.

Flexible display modules

We offer a wide range of high quality display modules for different product groups. They can be adapted to suit your needs and space requirements.


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