Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44188472


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Instruction leaflet


AVENTOS HKi - application promotional trailer

Shows AVENTOS HKi in use with narrow alu frame and wooden front

AVENTOS HKi - assembly video

Shows the installation of the lift mechanism, transportation lock, front fixing bracket, lift mechanism adjustment, front adjustment, opening angle stop and removal of AVENTOS HKi

AVENTOS HKi - front adjustment

Shows the infinitely variable 3-dimensional adjustment of the gap layout

AVENTOS HKi - lift mechanism installation

Installation of the lift mechanism in the cabinet side

AVENTOS HKi - machining promotional trailer

Illustrates development, production, machining with MINIMILL, installation and adjustment

AVENTOS HKi - partial integration with cover caps

Shows how to fix the cover cap and the branding element for the semi-integrated application of AVENTOS HKi

AVENTOS HKi - removal

Shows how to remove the front and the lift mechanism

AVENTOS HKi - transportation lock

Shows how to release the transportation lock

AVENTOS Hki presentation video

Presentation of the AVENTOS HKi incl. assembly with MINIMILL

AVENTOS HKi semi-integrated short film

This short film shows the motion, the variable stop and the different cover cap colours of AVENTOS HKi.

AVENTOS HKi – lift mechanism adjustment

Adjust the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the front and the front of the stay lift will stay exactly where you want it to - and it will always be within easy reach for closing.

AVENTOS HKi - opening angle stop

This video shows the adjustment of the integrated opening angle stop

MINIMILL presentation video

Presentation of the cabinet side assembly for the integrated stay lift fitting AVENTOS Hki using MINIMILL

TIP-ON for AVENTOS HKi fully-integrated short film

This short film shows the motion, variable stop and function of TIP-ON for the fully integrated version of AVENTOS HKi.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44188472