Hoechst, Austria | June 2022

Design prizes for REVEGO and AVENTOS HKi

Two new products by Blum win the Red Dot Award

Product innovations AVENTOS HKi and REVEGO by Blum have won the Red Dot Award 2022 for outstanding design. The unique pocket door system impressed the jury with its fully integrated technology and top quality design, and the AVENTOS HKi integrated lift system won the Red Dot: Best of the Best award. It can’t get any better than that!


Austrian fittings specialist, Blum is delighted to report that not just one but two of its latest products have been presented with this year’s Red Dot Award. After winning the German Design Award, REVEGO, the pocket system for revealing and concealing runs of fitted furniture, has gone on to win the next prestigious prize for its design excellence and fully integrated technology. And AVENTOS HKi, the new stay lift that is integrated in the cabinet side and blends seamlessly into furniture, has received the Red Dot: Best of the Best award for its pioneering design. This prize is presented to the very best entry in each category.

International jury impressed by the design of Blum products

The coveted Red Dot quality seal is presented by an international jury of 48 judges. The experts are tasked with assessing whether the products serve their purpose, are simple and intuitive to use, sustainable or durable and, obviously, appealing to the eye. All these criteria were met by both product innovations developed by the family-owned business.

REVEGO – creating multifunctional spaces

Pocket systems by Blum offer completely new perspectives: the ability to quickly open up complete living areas when you need them, and simply close them off again when they are not in use, helps to create a homely atmosphere. REVEGO is a unique sliding door system for single and double door applications whose fittings have been fully integrated into the system. REVEGO can also be used in combination with standard cabinets thanks to defined pocket widths: REVEGO uno single door has a pocket width of 100 mm and REVEGO duo double door a pocket width of 150 mm. This provides great scope for the design of living areas throughout the home.

AVENTOS HKi – the integrated lift system

The latest lift system by Austrian fittings manufacturer, Blum is a true masterpiece of engineering. Developers have come up with an extremely slim construction that fits perfectly into cabinet sides with a thickness of 16 mm or more. Although the technology of AVENTOS HKi is seamlessly integrated into the furniture, the lift system boasts the top quality features you expect of Blum. Soft-close BLUMOTION ensures that wall cabinet fronts close softly and effortlessly, tried and tested 3-dimensional adjustment is possible from the front and cabinet fronts hold open in any position thanks to the variable stop. AVENTOS HKi offers the perfect chance to design without compromise.

REVEGO – the solution from Blum for concealing runs of kitchen units or entire living areas

AVENTOS HKi fits perfectly into the cabinet side and blends seamlessly into furniture

AVENTOS HKi, the integrated lift system, wins the Red Dot: Best of the Best award 2022

The REVEGO pocket system is presented with Red Dot Award 2022


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