Easy assembly

CLIP top BLUMOTION excels in terms of user-friendliness. This has many advantages for assembly and adjustment.

Assembly, adjustment and removal

Tool-free hinge fixing

Hinge bosses can be seamlessly fixed to cabinet fronts with the tool-free INSERTA mechanism.

Tool-free front assembly

Blum’s tried and tested CLIP mechanism makes door to cabinet assembly tool free, quick and easy.

Three-dimensional adjustment

CLIP top BLUMOTION triple advantage: Easy side, height and infinitely variable depth adjustment with spiral screw. What’s more, several mounting plates have cam height adjustment.

Assembly instructions

Assembly videos

CLIP top BLUMOTION deactivation

This assembly video shows the deactivation of the dampening for CLIP top BLUMOTION.


The training video demonstrates the insertion of the hinge using INSERTA and illustrates the CLIP mechanism and three-dimensional adjustment options.

CLIP top BLUMOTION product snippet

This product snippet shows the function, different cover caps as well as the onyx black CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° hinge.

CLIP top BLUMOTION trailer

This video is the intro to the CLIP top BLUMOTION microsite:

CLIP top BLUMOTION trailer

This trailer is used to introduce CLIP top BLUMOTION and is well-suited for presentations, training, etc.

EXPANDO T for thin fronts

This assembly video shows the assembly of thin fronts with EXPANDO T. The fixing method for CLIP top BLUMOTION 155°, AVENTOS HK top and LEGRABOX is shown.

EXPANDO T for thin fronts – short version

This assembly video demonstrates the assembly of thin fronts with EXPANDO T.

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of drilling and insertion machines, assembly devices and templates to ensure that the assembly of Blum products is accurate, quick and easy, for optimal performance requires precise assembly.

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