Hoechst, Austria | May 2017

Practical ideas for creating even more storage space

Storage space is a valuable asset in modern kitchens. Blum presented solutions that create additional storage space at interzum 2017 in Cologne. Smart applications such as an innovative plinth pull-out, the SPACE TOWER storage wonder and narrow base units use every inch of space available in kitchens.


Living space is becoming more and more expensive – particularly in cities. Smart solutions that make homes homely and simultaneously create storage space are therefore in great demand. Blum has responded to end users’ demands and has come up with some very practical solutions for kitchens – as demonstrated at interzum 2017.


Think high

If you have little space, it’s a good idea to use the full height of the room. A plinth pull-out with a step has two-fold advantages. First, it gives you easier access to the upper shelves of your wall cabinet. Second, the pull-out under the step provides extra storage space. Equipped with SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON BLUMOTION, the plinth pull-out opens with ease with a gentle nudge of the toe. This means you can use every inch of space from ceiling to floor. Blum’s sink unit is another idea for creating extra storage space. The U-shaped pull-out uses commonly wasted space under the sink and provides storage space for sponges, washing-up liquid and other cleaning utensils. The large pull-out under it contains waste bins and, for example, other cleaning agents.


The right way to store provisions

You can’t afford to waste any space if you want to fit a lot into a small area. The SPACE TOWER larder unit comes in all heights, widths and depths and can hold provisions of all sizes. In contrast to conventional larder units, the SPACE TOWER gives you a whole additional pull-out and provides easy and unhindered access to contents from all three sides. In addition, the pull-outs open individually so you don’t have to pull open the weight of the entire cabinet to remove one item. Equally, when planning kitchens, you might sometimes be left with a small gap, for example between electrical appliances and the wall. Narrow cabinets with pull-out systems by Blum are ideal for filling the gap and creating extra storage space. These narrow cabinets boast the top quality motion and user convenience that is typical of Blum. So thanks to solutions by Blum, you can turn the smallest kitchen into storage space paradise.


Blum’s plinth pull-out gives you access to top wall cabinet shelves and extra storage space in base units
(Photo: Blum_Sockelauszug)


Narrow cabinets fill small spaces and are ideal for storing narrow items
(Photo: Blum_LBX0113)


Blum’s SPACE TOWER larder unit comes in all widths, heights and depths and can be adapted to fit into every space
(Photo: Blum_LBX0165)


Use the space under the sink with Blum’s special sink unit
(Photo: Blum_AMB0140)


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