Hoechst, Austria | May 2017

Blum is an innovative service partner for furniture manufacturers

Austrian fittings manufacturer, Blum, offers innovative services and assembly devices that provide ongoing support along the entire production process – from planning and ordering to manufacturing and installation.


Industry 4.0, digitalisation and interconnected manufacturing are today’s buzzwords and are relevant to industrial furniture manufacturers, distributors and cabinet makers alike. This fourth industrial revolution will, however, only work if a complete set of error-free data is available to users. The focus is on the interconnectivity of machines, electronics and data. Blum sees itself as an innovative service partner who strives to improve these processes. Consequently, the company has extended its offering of assembly devices and services. Blum has added a CABINET CONFIGURATOR, EASYSTICK (a computer-aided device for calculating the fixing positions of its fittings) and additional features to its EASY ASSEMBLY app.


CABINET CONFIGURATOR – the easy and efficient way to plan furniture

Blum’s new CABINET CONFIGURATOR makes cabinet planning easy and is the successor product to DYNAPLAN, Blum’s existing cabinet planner. The CABINET CONFIGURATOR automatically works out and provides all the information you need for manufacturing, such as wooden parts and drilling positions. The information is immediately available at the press of a button – provided as a drawing or as CAD data. Further features include a user-friendly interface and clear 3D visualisation. The right fittings are selected by Blum’s tried and tested PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR. Thanks to integrated collision checks, no more planning errors are made and trial applications are no longer necessary. In addition, users can collect compiled parts lists in their shopping basket and then simply transfer them to their distributors’ ordering system.


EASYSTICK for efficient and precise assembly

Complex fittings systems require precise assembly techniques. EASYSTICK for MINIPRESS consists of a ruler with automated stops and a control unit with a display. The device makes it easier to find the right drilling positions and set up the drilling and insertion machine. Thanks to the new assembly device, users no longer need to set the stops by hand. The drilling positions can be directly entered into the machine. Manufacturers and cabinet makers can also use the CABINET CONFIGURATOR to plan their furniture and then simply transfer the data to EASYSTICK . The stops (which are computer controlled) automatically move to the right position. The new device supports assembly regardless of working method or equipment. EASYSTICK is available as a complete package (i.e. with the MINIPRESS drilling and insertion machine) or as a retrofit set.


New features for Blum’s EASY ASSEMBLY app

Blum’s app answers any questions users might have about assembly, e.g. safe installation, how to accurately position Blum fittings and carry out precise adjustments. The app has been revised and upgraded with more smart features. A special blog has been set up which provides news and tips on general assembly topics and information about the app itself. Here users can ask questions and discuss issues with experts – providing an interactive and immediate form of communication. Blum will also provide pilot markets with live support – with a phone, chat and video feature. In future, app content can be compiled and managed to meet the cabinet maker’s or fitter’s personal needs. Information that is actually needed for installation on site can be downloaded to the corresponding end device. Menu navigation has also been optimised and is now easier and faster.


Blum supports its customers with innovative services along the entire production process – from planning and ordering to manufacturing and installation
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EASYSTICK sets stops automatically, making assembly precise, quick and easy
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The PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR is an important part of the new CABINET CONFIGURATOR. It helps users choose and order the right fittings, it supplies parts lists, provides marketing information, assembly and installation documentation and 2D/3D CAD data
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Blum’s EASY ASSEMBLY app has more new features – making installation even easier
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