Pocket systems for new space concepts

Our pocket systems are the solution for optimum space utilisation. REVEGO is a unique pocket door system with sophisticated technology integrated into its own narrow cabinet.

A perfect wall?

More and more people are merging their kitchen, dining, living and working space. This trend places high demands on modern room concepts. Pocket systems offer completely new perspectives to create multifunctional spaces.

Pocket systems allow you to quickly open up entire living areas when you need them, and close them off again when they are not in use. This helps to create a homely atmosphere and also offers completely new design possibilities for small and large spaces.

REVEGO also boasts the top quality motion and user convenience you have come to expect from Blum. Handle-less doors open and close with ease thanks to the integrated TIP-ON unit.

REVEGO inspires new approaches to space planning and furniture construction to create a better quality of living.

Simple planning, simple assembly

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  • REVEGO is a unique pocket system for single and double door applications. The technology is concealed completely in a special narrow cabinet, the pocket.

  • The pocket has a fixed installation width of 100 mm for single door applications and 150 mm for double door applications. This gives you the freedom to design the furniture around the pocket exactly as you wish.

  • Thanks to the well-thought-out pocket construction, REVEGO can be pre-assembled in the workshop and then easily transported to site. As a manufacturer, this allows you to maintain full quality control.

  • Standardised pocket widths make planning simple. REVEGO can easily be integrated in a kitchen layout.

  • REVEGO also stands for quick and easy assembly: Put up, align and mount pockets, install fronts and track, carry out quick adjustments, that’s it.

  • Dimensions and details

    • Front heights of 1800 to 2500 mm
    • Front weight per front up to 35 kg and front thickness of 23 mm
    • REVEGO duo: Front width of 450 to 750 mm
    • REVEGO uno: Front width of 450 to 900 mm
    • REVEGO enables applications with an internal width of up to 2700 mm between pockets

Easy product selection

As soon as the product is available, the Product Configurator by Blum will help you select the right products quickly and efficiently. It gives you checked parts lists, comprehensive planning information and CAD data.

At a glance

  • Fast installation thanks to pre-assembly of fittings parts
  • Full integration of fittings in pocket construction
  • Easy planning thanks to predefined pocket widths
  • Enhanced ease and mesmerising motion with TIP-ON
  • Full overlay doors conceal the pocket completely
  • Individualised design solutions for small and large spaces