Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Blum extends its AVENTOS lift family

The fittings manufacturer presents the new compact AVENTOS  top versions at interzum 2021

interzum 2021 is where Blum will be unveiling its new AVENTOS top versions – the new members of the lift system family. The latest generation of lift systems are set to impress with their sleek contemporary appearance and improved functionality, albeit with fewer types.


Lift systems in wall cabinets are ergonomic and convenient. Even the largest and heaviest of front panels are easy to lift and position well clear of the user’s head at all times. Reason enough for the Austrian fittings manufacturer to further extend its AVENTOS range: in addition to the AVENTOS HK top fitting showcased at interzum 2019 and now on sale, the AVENTOS top family will soon be extended to include lift systems for folding, swivelling and lifting. The family company is presenting the new fittings AVENTOS HF top, HS top and HL top for the first time at interzum 2021. This latest generation of lift systems offer many advantages: the pared-back design can be discreetly integrated into furniture, fewer types makes production easier and a number of integrated functions mean that assembly and adjustment are simplicity itself. The user benefits from even greater ease of use and smoother operation.

Reduced to the essentials
AVENTOS, the lift range from Blum, offers a wide variety of the perfect lift solutions for almost any installation situation. In developing the AVENTOS top family, the fittings specialist has focused on improved functionality, a contemporary appearance and a reduction of the various types. There are two lift mechanism fixing methods available: an integrated positioning system or pre-mounted system screws, whichever best suits the respective production process. The integral safety function and the front lift mechanism adjustment – even with fitted cover caps – simplify adjustment. As with the AVENTOS HK top, the new lift systems are ideal for combining with SERVO-DRIVE motion technology, including tool-free assembly and guided commissioning. The lightest of touches is all that is needed to open the front, as if by magic. And they close softly and effortlessly at the press of an easy-to-reach switch. This is all made possible by the electrical support. With an extensive product range yet fewer lift mechanism and lever types, the new AVENTOS top family scores points with a straightforward collection. The AVENTOS HS top and HL top now also feature a symmetrical lever and can be used in combination with SERVO-DRIVE. The AVENTOS HF top is even easier to adjust, thanks to its built-in opening angle stop. With the AVENTOS HS top, cross stabilisation is no longer necessary. The same cover cap can also be used for the new AVENTOS HF top, HS top and HL top.

New cover cap design also for existing versions
A new linear design of cover cap is now also available for the existing AVENTOS HF, HS and HL lift systems. In terms of look, they are an ideal match for the AVENTOS HK top and AVENTOS HK-S cover caps. A uniform design is thus also now available for use across the entire range of lift systems. Cover caps come in silk white, light grey and dark grey. No matter what the lift type – be it the AVENTOS HK top family or existing lift systems – the same branding element is now available for use.


The latest generation of lift systems from Blum – such as the AVENTOS HS top pictured here – is set to impress with a sleek contemporary appearance and improved functionality

The new AVENTOS top family wins admirers with a straightforward product range: symmetrical levers can thus be used, for example, with the AVENTOS HL top

Whether it is the AVENTOS HF top or any other AVENTOS top version: it can be used in combination with SERVO-DRIVE for tool-free assembly with guided start-up

The existing AVENTOS HF, HS and HL lift systems impress with a new linear-design cover caps


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