Hoechst, Austria | May 2019

The answer to merging living spaces

Blum presents simple solution to magic away fitted furniture at interzum

More and more people are merging their kitchen, dining and living space. The trend calls for smart solutions to conceal spaces that are not in use. Blum’s new pocket systems are the answer. Doors of up to 2500 mm in height close off the space and conceal fitted furniture. They disappear into pockets when the space is in use. No special construction needed.


Open plan concepts and ever smaller urban homes demand new furniture solutions. More and more people would like to conceal functional spaces such as fitted kitchens or home offices when they are not in use. Fittings specialist Blum has come up with a simple-to-use solution. Pocket systems consist of large doors that close off spaces that are not in use. When open, the doors disappear into narrow cabinets, or pockets. Doors open and close with supreme ease. Users can open doors with a single touch (with TIP-ON, for example) and then simply push them into the pocket. They disappear out of the way and users are given easy access to furniture units. A single touch again suffices to gently eject doors from the pocket. To close the space and restore elegance, simply press shut. Blum will be presenting three different applications at its interzum booth - for kitchens, utility rooms and bars, with and without handles, with different motion technologies and with single and double doors.

Incredibly easy to assemble and install

Pocket systems by Blum bring great advantages to furniture design and assembly. No modifications need be made to the fitted furniture because the pocket systems (be it double or single door applications) are incorporated in their own narrow cabinets next to the furniture. There are no constraints on the design of the fitted furniture; there is no need to build an additional cabinet around the furniture. Another major advantage is that standard doors are used to conceal standard cabinets. Pocket systems by the Austrian manufacturer of fittings can be implemented with doors of up to 2500 mm in height, 800 mm in width and a weight of up to 35 kg. The pockets and doors are made and assembled by the manufacturer and then delivered to site, so installation is child’s play. Put up, align and mount pockets, install doors and track, carry out simple adjustments, that’s it. And disassembly is just as simple.

Blum’s new pocket systems magic away entire living areas and add functionality to space

The new system by Blum elegantly conceals fitted kitchens


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