Easy tool-free assembly

TANDEMBOX antaro can be assembled quickly and simply without tools, for example with our tried and tested INSERTA technology. All TANDEMBOX applications are based on the proven TANDEMBOX cabinet profile. This facilitates assembly, for drilling positions and cutting dimensions are the same for all TANDEMBOX lines, and assembly devices ensure that assembly is quick and efficient. A pull-out with closed sides (for example with glass or metal design elements) can also be quickly assembled in no time at all.

Assembly, adjustment and removal

Thanks to tried and tested INSERTA technology, the gallery and front can be assembled without tools.

Simply twist the section at the front of the gallery to adjust tilt and achieve perfect gap alignment.

Design elements can be assembled within seconds. Just slide in and connect to the back locking piece. So retrofitting is easy too.

Assembly instructions

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of drilling and insertion machines, assembly devices and templates to ensure that the assembly of Blum products is accurate, quick and easy, for optimal performance requires precise assembly.

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