Send parts lists to distributors

Use our Online Product Configurator to create a parts list that can be sent to an authorized distributor. Parts lists compiled by the Online Product Configurator can be exported in several file formats to make ordering easy.

Advantages for cabinet makers

  • Complete parts lists are exported into your personal shopping cart

  • Less time needed for compiling parts for an order

  • No time-consuming search for individual items

Advantages for authorized distributors

  • Entire ordering process is simple

  • Complete parts lists are available in several file formats

  • Less time needed to process customer orders

Features at a glance

Shopping basket

The parts lists produced by the Online Product Configurator can be saved in your shopping cart.

Send to distributor

Parts lists from our Online Product Configurator can be sent to an authorized distributor of your choice.

Complete your order

Never worry about ordering the correct parts again. The Online Product Configurator walks you through the process to make sure you get the right parts every time.

Your contact

Register online to obtain your personal access to the Online Product Configurator by using this form contact form.


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