Online Product Configurator

The fast and easy way to find the right hardware

Sometimes, large orders can be a bit complex. With our Online Product Configurator (OPC), it's never been easier to decide what parts and pieces your customers need. Each time you create a specific application, the parts can be compiled into a single list, and CAD and other custom drawings can be downloaded to help with design and installation. The OPC makes specifying, ordering, and assembling as easy as 1-2-3.

Ready to go?

The Online Product Configurator is an online application that can be accessed through our E-SERVICES portal.


Advantages for cabinet makers

  • Complete and checked parts lists so that no ordering errors are made

  • Export parts lists to send to authorized distrbutors

  • Accurate drawings for design and manufacturing

  • Additional information for assembly and adjustment

  • Can be edited in 2D/3D-CAD format

Advantages for authorized distributors

  • Useful information tool to answer customers’ questions

  • Saves time needed to process customer orders

  • Fewer complaints caused by ordering errors

  • Additional benefits for your online shop: CAD data, drawings, and assembly information

  • Complete parts lists can be exported and sent to you

Content and features

Intuitive, quick and easy

Walk through the configurator click by click, starting with an overview of all the products that can be configured.

Complete parts list

Get all the parts, pieces, and accessories needed.

Planning drawings

Planning information contains drawings of the configured product, which can be downloaded in 2D CAD formats.

3D CAD formats

You can download the CAD data of your configured applications in many formats.

Assembly and adjustment

Information about assembly and adjustment has been integrated in the Online Product Configurator.

Shopping cart

Save your configurations and projects in your own folders. They can be used again, adapted, or copied at any time. Now that's convenient!

Export your orders

Export your parts list from the shopping cart to send to one of our authorized distributors.

Your contact

We will be glad to give you access to the complete range of services available in the Online Product Configurator. Logging in as a guest, gives you access to basic services. Please go to register online and obtain your personal access data or use the following contact form.


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