Put your kitchen to work

There are two sides to every kitchen. The most obvious side showcases the aesthetic choices; the materials, textures, colors and styles reflect a person's taste. The other side, the hidden and quite often overlooked side, either makes or breaks the heart of the home.

Make your kitchen last

Smooth workflows, enough storage space and better motion in your kitchen - that's Blum's idea of the ideal kitchen. If you plan these things ahead of time, you'll have a kitchen that will be more enjoyable for years to come!


Efficient workflows

Think about putting away groceries, emptying the dishwasher, preparing food and cooking. Is there a lot of bending down, kneeling, digging through items in cabinets to find what you need? Do you walk back and forth, back and forth as you perform these tasks? With the right planning, you can put an end to these things and create a kitchen that's enjoyable to use for years to come!
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Optimize storage space

We all have (basically) the same storage needs in the kitchen; what makes us unique though, are the priorities and quantities of our storage items. Knowing what items are used on a regular basis, versus only occasionally, will help when choosing your cabinets.
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Comfortable for everyone

Not all drawer runners, hinges or lift systems are equal. Research different products and manufacturers to learn more about quality, manufacturing and testing standards – and then find a showroom to feel the differences for yourself.
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Zone Planner

Would you like to know how much storage space you’ll need in your new kitchen? Our Zone Planner can help.

1. Select items
2. Enter quantities
3. Get a list of your storage items and ideas for your cabinet solutions.

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