Beautiful and practical

Melanie Raff and Marco Hornung teamed up to make their dream come true. They have a kitchen that combines both aesthetics and functionality.

The little town of Allensbach on the German shore of Lake Constance offers a view of apple trees, rolling hills and meadows. "We both feel very much at home here," says Melanie. The couple can see the lake from their kitchen. "The kitchen is the absolute hub of our home," adds marketing expert Marco. "That’s why it was so important for us to think through our daily routine when planning everything."’

Minimalist design

The couple’s island kitchen is stylish through and through. "‘The minimalist white fronts are so calming," says Melanie with a smile. She is a model by profession, and while she likes things to be natural in her private life, she feels it's important to include contrast.

That’s why the couple discussed the striking countertop around the sink for quite a while. "We didn’t want traditional stainless steel because you can see all the fingerprints. I wanted a modern, slightly industrial feel," says Melanie.

The two of them found the solution in Northern Germany. The countertop is a single piece of hot rolled stainless steel.

‘It was important for to us to think about our daily routine when planning everything.’

Everything runs like clockwork

Marco, a passionate chef, is really pleased with the efficient workflow and innovative solutions that make cooking easy.

The layout of kitchen cabinets was planned around his daily routine, so everything is within easy reach and he doesn’t have to move far! "And I can’t complain about not having enough storage space either," he grins. "When we planned the kitchen we planned where every item should be kept."

The large drawer, for instance, provides enough space for kitchen utensils – so they’re exactly where they’re needed. The countertop between cooktop and sink is also nice and wide. There’s plenty of space for chopping up vegetables and rolling out dough. Easy!

"Melanie loved the elegant, straight-forward design from the start. And I had to have the Knife holder accessory."

Make your kitchen practical

Everything runs like clockwork in Melanie and Marco’s kitchen, and they’ve made the most of every inch of storage space available. Get some useful tips about how to make your kitchen not only beautiful, but practical too!

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