Living with Blum - Julia and Enver

An elegant approach to storage space

Julia and Enver Mohr thought about their future needs when designing their new home, and added practical solutions that provide ample storage space. In other words, there’s plenty of space for starting a family!


Julia and Enver will love their kitchen for years to come thanks to excellent planning.


Comfort for the next 20-plus years

Enver and Julia wanted a kitchen that suits them now, and in the years to come. "We racked our brains, planned everything, scrapped our plans, and started again, but it's the result that counts," says Enver. Everything has been well thought out, down to the last detail. For example, the waste/recycle drawer with an interior roll-out for cleaning utensils. It's been equipped with the SERVO-DRIVE electric opening system so that you can nudge it open with your knee.

Make it spicy

Everything you need for seasoning and marinating food is kept together. "The ORGA-LINE Spice tray is ideal. I can read all the labels on the containers easily," says Enver. And the cross dividers stop bottles from tipping over if the drawer is pushed too hard.

‘I can easily read all the labels on the containers.’

Easy access

“We wanted a pantry that gives us enough storage space, for example, for baby food sometime in the future," says Julia with a wink. "But we can use the space for other things in the meantime." Their pantry cabinet wastes no space because each level can be pulled out individually, providing easy access to everything.

For the foodie

"I like to bake on the weekends, and I didn't want to keep any of my baking supplies outside the kitchen," explains Enver, opening the deep drawer, where baking trays can be kept upright thanks to an inside divider. Small baking utensils are kept in the interior roll-out to make the most of the remaining space.

Practical cabinets for your kitchen

Smooth workflows and optimal use of storage space are the key to practical kitchens. Get some useful tips about how to make your kitchen not only beautiful, but practical too.

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Julia and Enver’s bathroom is a spacious wellness oasis.


Elegant storage space for toiletries

“We didn’t want a large vanity, but we still needed a lot of storage space. That’s why we love this vanity with U-shaped drawers,” explains Enver. Everything stays organized, and it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

Everything in its place

“We also needed a place to store towels, body wash, and other supplies, so we added a small cabinet next to the vanity,” says Enver. Everything can be easily accessed because the CLIP top hinges open the door at a wide angle. Thanks to BLUMOTION, the door also closes quietly every time.

‘We didn’t want anything massive but still wanted plenty of storage space.’


"It was a personal challenge of mine to get the most out of the storage space available," says Enver. Interior roll-outs are a great way to store socks, belts, underwear, etc. in a wardrobe.

Zero wasted space

They used CLIP top zero protrusion hinges on the doors to the wardrobe so that the shelves can be pulled out without hitting the door or the hinges.

‘Wardrobe doors open wide so that drawers glide past them with ease.’


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