Living with Blum - Katja and Andreas

A young couple makes the most of every inch

Katja and Andreas Lubetz’s dream has come true: they have a house of their own. Let’s have a look at the different living spaces in their home and see how they’ve made the most of the storage space available.


Andreas and Katja are always on the go. That’s why it was so important to organize their kitchen properly. “We made sure everything is where it is needed. For example, the drawer directly under the cooktop contains pots and pans for cooking. That saves us time,” says Andreas. And thanks to the ORGA-LINE adjustable organization, you can quickly find the matching lid.

Mobile spice tray

The Lubetz family loves to cook, and they both agree that you can never have too many spices. The problem however, is storing all of them. Blum’s Spice tray keeps spices neatly organized in the drawer, and they can easily be moved to the countertop to be used while cooking.

Hands free

Andreas and Katja wanted a central place in the kitchen to store their collection of wine glasses. They found the perfect place for them in a wall cabinet with an AVENTOS bi-fold door. The door lifts up and out of the way, giving them access to all of the glasses inside, and it closes automatically with the push of a button thanks to SERVO-DRIVE. “That's really helpful if you've got your hands full,” says Andreas.

‘The wall cabinet opens with a single touch and closes at the press of a switch. That's really practical if you've got something in both hands.’

Cut down on the clutter

Since Andreas and Katja are so busy, even washing the dishes must be done in a hurry. Their sink drawer makes this possible because it keeps all of the soap, sponges, and other supplies where they need it – and not spread out on the counters. “The best part is that there is nothing around the sink. It’s always so clean!” says Katja.

No space wasted

The Lubetz family used every inch of storage space in their kitchen. They added drawers and doors under the stairs to take advantage of what would normally be wasted space. Andreas proudly showed us the new storage space by pushing on the drawers to open them. They all use TIP-ON, a touch to open feature, to make access even easier. “It’s incredible what all fits in this space,” says Andreas.

‘It's amazing how much we can fit in,’ says Andreas.

Make your kitchen practical

Smooth workflows and optimal use of storage space are the key to practical kitchens. Get some useful tips about how to make your kitchen not only beautiful, but practical too.

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Living room

Functionality is carried from the couple’s kitchen to their living room. Their furniture has a sleek and elegant look, and it's so easy to use.


Out of sight

“In our old house, our electronics sat out in the open, and there was always a tangle of cables. When we moved, it was important for us to have a place for everything. I want everything within easy reach, but I don't want to see it,” explains Andreas. The solution was to store all of the electronics in an AVENTOS cabinet. The door swings up, giving him access to everything inside, and when he doesn’t want to see it, he closes the door.

‘I want everything within easy reach but I don’t want to see it.’

Storage for a rainy day

When Andreas and Katja get a chance to relax, they like to curl up on the couch and watch TV. If they want to watch a movie, it’s easy to find the perfect DVD because everything is neatly organized in the TANDEMBOX drawers in the living room. Katja says, “It’s a little like our own private library.”

That's entertainment

The couple tells us, “We love to invite friends over for game night.” Their games are easy to find in the living room because they are stored in a large drawer near the TV. All of the smaller games and pieces can be stored in the roll-out inside the game drawer. Summer the dog likes it too!


Even the bathroom is organized. The bathroom vanity has been equipped with Blum products and provides more than enough storage space.

Getting ready faster

Keeping Katja’s make-up organized is easy with ORGA-LINE. This flexible storage makes it easy to find the perfect shade of lipstick while getting ready in the morning because you can quickly see everything in the drawer.

‘It’s nice to see everything at a glance.’

Plenty of storage space

“We like to buy items like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in bulk,” says Andreas. That’s why it was important to have room in the bathroom for the extras. TANDEMBOX full extension drawers open all the way out, bringing the items to you. In other words, there’s no need to crouch down and get on your hands and knees to look inside a cabinet.


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