Living with Blum - The Elliot Family

Function meets personalized design

The Elliot family found creative ways of combining function with elegance. Look at their living space and be inspired!


Clever solutions make using the kitchen easier - and we're not just talking about cooking.

Clean solution for washing-up utensils

The U-shaped drawer uses the space to the left and right of the sink. Cleaning products are kept neat and tidy and out of the way. And it's no problem if your hands are wet! Just touch the cabinet with your hip or knee and the drawer opens by itself - thanks to SERVO-DRIVE.

‘Cleaning products are always available without having to open drawers with your wet hands.’

Baking is even more fun

A second special solution is the family’s baking station where baking ingredients and accessories are kept directly under the countertop. The TANDEMBOX drawers provide plenty of space for mixing bowls and other baking utensils. And everything’s kept nice and neat with ORGA-LINE too.

A dream kitchen for many years to come

What good is a great kitchen if it doesn't last forever? For the Elliots it’s important that their cabinets and hardware meet a high standard of quality for the lifetime of their kitchen.

Kitchen swing

Their large wall cabinet has been equipped with the AVENTOS up and over lift system. It glides up with a single touch, thanks to the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system. And it closes again at the press of a button.

‘I’m never going to bang my head on a cabinet door again.’


Good planning ensured that bathroom items are exactly where they’re needed.

Plenty of space

Most would agree that the best place to keep your toiletries and towels, is in your bathroom. The Elliot family couldn’t agree more. Wide TANDEMBOX drawers provide plenty of storage space under the sink.


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