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Everything where you need it

To create a smooth workflow in the kitchen, it is important to ensure that distances are as short as possible and everything is just where it should be. Organized, full extension drawers in base cabinets bring the contents of the cabinet into full view for quick and easy access, while lift systems get doors up and out of the way.



Consider everyday tasks

When planning a kitchen it is important to consider daily kitchen activities to make sure your kitchen is arranged in a way that will be easy to navigate. Click on the images below to see some examples.


Make your life easier - divide your kitchen into zones!

Speak with your kitchen designer about your personal/family habits so they can create workspaces arranged in a way that suit your needs. We call these zones, which store everything exactly where you need it.



Food is kept in the consumables zone. When planning this zone it's important to ensure that everything's within easy reach.


The non-consumables zone is designed for cutlery, dishes, glasses, and plastic containers. That's why it's a good idea to have the dishwasher close by.


This zone houses the dishwasher and sink. Cleaning utensils and cleaning agents should be kept here so that everything is close at hand.


All the items needed for preparing food are kept in this zone. Drawers ensure that they are within easy reach.


There should be enough space for pots, pans, lids, and cooking utensils close to the cooktop.

Smooth workflows are possible in every kitchen

Every kitchen can be divided into five kitchen zones - regardless of size or shape. The preparation zone is the main work area and should be at least 36" wide. This will ensure enough space to make meal preparation easy and enjoyable.

‘Cooking's a piece of cake if everything's within easy reach. Full extension drawers with practical organization give you clear visibility.’

Better access to the things you need

Drawers and lift systems instead of doors

When drawers are used in base cabinets, everything comes to you - long gone are the days of kneeling and digging through a dark cabinet to find what you need! Lift systems allow access to everything in a wall cabinet, so there's no more opening and closing adjacent cabinet doors.

Better for your back

No more kneeling and digging through dark cabinets thanks to drawers. With full extension drawers, everything comes out to you, and you can quickly see everything.

Easy access

Lift systems move doors up and out of the way with just a light pull of the handle. Doors remain in any position, allowing complete access while not interfering with kitchen work.

Full extension

By using full extension drawers in base cabinets, you can bring the very back corner all the way out to your fingertips.



Specific storage items are used more frequently than others. Store the items that are used daily closer to the countertop and seldom used items in the top or very bottom level of cabinets.



Interior organization keeps everything in its place. Blum offers different types of organization systems to suit your specific needs. Ask for AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE.


Stainless steel containers keep cutlery nice and tidy.

Odds and ends at a glance

Yes, the odds and ends drawer can even be organized!

Utensils close at hand

Wooden spoons, spatulas and whisks are always within easy reach.

The right lid for every pot

Flexible dividers organize pots and matching lids.

Containers will not tip over

Anti-slip frames keep items from spilling in the drawer.

Waste and recycle

Cleaning products are kept secure and separate from waste containers.

Knives are kept safe

No matter what the size - the knife holder keeps up to nine knives nice and safe.

Herbs and spices at a glance

The tilted tray makes it easier to read labels.

Stack them high

Blum’s Plate holder holds up to 12 plates securely. The holder can be kept within easy reach in drawers.


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