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The easy way to create extra storage space

How much storage space you need is dependent upon you: how many people are in your household, your shopping habits, and your cooking preferences. Do you want to store your rolling pin, cookie cutters and cake decorating tip set in a top drawer (it is a shallow, top drawer after all)? You don’t bake. Maybe an interior roll-out behind the second drawer makes more sense to store these things.


Storage space needs change

Kitchens normally last 15 years or longer and that's why you should consider future needs when planning your kitchen.

Household and lifestyle

Anyone who has a large family, or enjoys entertaining, should plan more storage for items such as flatware, dishes, pots, pans, and utensils.


Cooking and shopping habits

Your cooking and shopping habits determine the storage space that you need. Someone who shops in bulk has different storage needs than someone who shops weekly. The same is true for someone who loves to cook and bake vs. someone who prefers to eat out more often.


Zone Planner

Would you like to know how much storage space you’ll need in your new kitchen? Our Zone Planner will help you calculate your requirements. Select items, enter quantities, and get instant ideas for your cabinet solutions.

Start Zone Planner

Make the most of available space

How can you make the most of the available space in your kitchen? Consider using wider cabinets with deep drawers to store things like plates, plastic containers, mixing bowls and strainers. Or, think about adding an interior roll-out to a deep drawer to store smaller, seldom used items. Also, look at cabinet differences; different construction methods can offer more, or less, accessible storage space.


Wider drawers

By using a wide drawer instead of two narrow ones, you can create up to 15% more storage space.

‘It’s worth asking about innovative cabinet solutions. They create storage space in places you would never have expected.’

Think inside the box

All it takes is a little creativity to make the space in your kitchen suit your needs. First, determine what storage items should be stored together, then consider the priorities, amounts and sizes of items when choosing your cabinets.

Extra storage space - just like that!

Blum’s U-shaped sink drawer uses the space to the left and right of the sink.

Utensils magically put away

Sponges and dish soap can be kept directly under the sink.

Not an inch wasted

Dividers ensure that items are at your fingertips.

Storage where there was none: U-shape sink drawer

Utilize the space around a sink! Or, depending on the sink bowl - just use two drawers on either side.


Clever corner drawers with SPACE CORNER

The SPACE CORNER allows you to store small and large items in the corner. Drawers bring the very back corner all the way out in plain view.


An innovative idea for corners

You can even keep utensils in corners thanks to the SPACE CORNER cabinet.

Spacious full extensions

Use every inch of storage space in corners with SPACE CORNER full extensions.

For all kinds of storage items

The pull-outs provide ample space for items of all sizes.

For small kitchens

Even narrow cabinets in a small pantry can hold a lot of food.

Plenty of space for everything

Five individual roll-outs can be opened individually provide lots of storage space.

Ample space in the pantry

Blum's pantry solution provides ample storage space and is easy to use. You can open the interior roll-outs individually and access contents from the front and both sides.


Smart solutions with narrow cabinets

Narrow cabinets create valuable storage areas in small spaces. Who can afford to waste space?

Not an inch wasted

Narrow cabinets are ideal for keeping bottles, herbs and spices.

Ideal for the smallest space

Blum’s narrow cabinet concept uses even the smallest space.


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