Stanley, NC | May 2019

Blum offers solutions for thin fronts

Blum is the first company to offer a single attachment system for thin fronts.

Mixing materials and textures is the magic that brings a design to life, and Blum now offers an attachment system for fronts from 8-14 mm in thickness. Blum is the first hardware manufacturer to offer this type of attachment for wall cabinets, drawers and doors, facilitating the creation of unique cabinets and furniture.


With more people aspiring to use a range of materials such as stone, ceramics or HPL, the only limit for cabinet materials is your imagination. This latest innovation gives cabinet makers, manufacturers and designers the ability to implement their own design ideas, stand out even more from their competitors and offer personalized solutions using products in their range.

Easy assembly – drill, insert and tighten screws

Blum’s new attachment method for thin fronts is based on EXPANDO T technology. Steel teeth bite into the material of hard fronts, and nylon components ensure firm anchorage in soft panels. To attach, drill a hole of 10 mm in diameter and just 6 mm in depth.

Available in three applications

This new system can be used for wall cabinets, doors and drawers with LEGRABOX. Attaching thin fronts to cabinets can be achieved through wall cabinets with AVENTOS HK, HS and HL applications. CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors offers even more advantages to cabinet makers and manufacturers. Cup drilling is no longer required, and standard mounting plates can be used in existing attachment positions. Soft close BLUMOTION has been integrated in the hinge and no changes need to be made to cabinets.

The new CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge with the innovative EXPANDO T attachment method can be used for thin fronts with a thickness of just 8 mm or more.

Thin fronts underline the slimline design of LEGRABOX. Using the same installation pattern, LEGRABOX with thin fronts takes very little time to assemble.

Selected AVENTOS lift systems can also be implemented with the thin fronts attachment system, with utmost ease and without changing installation positions.