Stanley, NC | November 2018

Blum's newest runner offers supreme quality of motion

This concealed runner system for wood drawers excels in running action, opening and closing. Available February 2019.

MOVENTO, the concealed runner system by Blum, is available with static load capacities from 125 pounds to 170 pounds. This provides a great range of options for cabinet design, allowing for the creation of wide and deep drawers. Thanks to wear-resistant nylon rollers, MOVENTO has extremely good running characteristics, meaning drawers have a smooth feather-light glide and top-quality motion. MOVENTO can be attached directly to the cabinet base, cabinet sides, or to the back of the cabinet with the face frame rear attachment options.

Add more convenience

Integrated BLUMOTION soft close, standard for every MOVENTO runner, ensures drawers always close silently and effortlessly. MOVENTO offers the option to easily implement Blum's touch-to-open technologies, all with the same runner. Cabinets equipped with SERVO-DRIVE, the electrical motion support system, glide open at a single touch, which is especially handy for waste container drawers. TIP-ON BLUMOTION, Blum's newest motion technology, is a mechanical touch-to-open and soft closing solution which allows users to open drawers with a single touch and close gently with a fluid push.

Simple front adjustment

No matter what features you combine MOVENTO with, the drilling pattern of the runner always stays the same. What's more, Blum's MOVENTO offers a 4-dimensional front adjustment to ensure reveals can be precisely and simply aligned without tools. MOVENTO runners can be flexibly positioned and mounted directly to the base. This makes it easier to implement new design ideas, such as open cabinets, without having to use a visible screw-on bracket. The base-mounted MOVENTO delivers the same high-quality of motion and adjustment ease as the model for standard mounting. Various templates provide quick and easy assembly of MOVENTO.

Three different motion technologies can be implemented with the new MOVENTO runner.

Combine Blum's motion technologies as needed to bring enhanced user convenience to kitchens and living areas throughout the home.