The history of Blum60 years in motion

  • Company founder Julius Blum was a farrier by trade

    The company is founded by Julius Blum

    Julius Blum, a farrier and carriage smith by trade, founds his company March 1, 1952. His first product is a horseshoe stud which prevents horses from slipping.

    The first furniture hinge

    The first hinge is produced: The ANUBA hinge for doors, windows and furniture.

    The first Blum hinge

    The first Blum hinge: The production of concealed hinges begins.

    First products are exported to European countries.

    Our first products are exported to European countries.

    The first roller runners

    Roller runners are added to the production program.

    First representative offices abroad

    The first representative offices are set up in Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland and Scandinavia. We displayed products at our first stand at Interzum in Cologne.

    Blum starts its own vocational training program

    Blum starts its own vocational training program in Austria.

    New plant in Hoechst

    Plant 2 is built and put into operation in Hoechst.

    First issue of Blum News

    Blum celebrates its 25th anniversary. The first issue of the employee magazine "Blum News" is published and subsidiaries are established in the USA and Sweden.

    The first high bay warehouse

    Vorarlberg's first high bay warehouse is put into operation at Plant 2. Blum Canada is established.

    Plant 4

    Plant 4 is opened in Bregenz.

    Blum Germany is established

    Blum Germany is established.

    Production in the USA

    Blum USA assembles hinges and drawer runners.


    Blum presents CLIP - the hinge for tool-free mounting.


    The METABOX drawer system goes into production.

    Global customer benefits by Blum

    The company introduces its philosophy of "Global customer benefits". We also launched TANDEM concealed drawer runners, and Blum Norway is established.

    ISO certification

    Blum is the first manufacturer of furniture hardware to be certified according to ISO 9001 guidelines. Blum France is established.

    Start of full production at Blum USA

    Blum begins full production of hardware in the USA. Blum Poland is established.

    Box system

    The box drawer system and INSERTA assembly technology are launched on the market. Blum Czech Republic, Blum Hungary and Blum Romania are established.

    Full extension

    Full extension drawers and roll-outs enhance user convenience in kitchens. Blum Turkey is established.

    Ecological certification

    Blum receives ecological certification according to ISO 14001, which is recognized all over the world. Blum Australia and Blum Russia are established.

    Production site in Brazil

    A production facility is established in Brazil.

    The CLIP top hinge

    The CLIP top hinge is launched on the market. It combines adjustment ease with beautiful design. Blum Brazil assembles hinges in São Paulo.

    Storage space planning

    The focus is on good storage space planning and usage in kitchens.

    Perfecting motion

    BLUMOTION stands for perfecting the motion that closes drawers and doors softly and effortlessly. Blum South East Asia is established.

    50th anniversary

    Blum celebrates its 50th anniversary. A representative office is opened in China.


    DYNAMIC SPACE by Blum shows new ways to improve space usage. The new stamping center is put into operation at Plant 5 in Fussach.

    New AVENTOS lift systems

    AVENTOS lift systems are introduced for the first time at Interzum in Cologne. Plangger Coatings is integrated into the Blum organization as Plant 6. Blum Ukraine is established.

    New Logistics Center in Poland

    Blum's Logistics and Packaging Center is put into operation in Poland. SERVO-DRIVE, the new opening system for drawers is launched on the market. Blum Hong Kong is established.

    Blum Mexico is established

    Blum Mexico is established.

    Apprentice record

    Apprentice record: 73 apprentices start their training with Blum. Blum subsidiaries are established in Kazakhstan and Vietnam.

    New logistics center

    A quantum leap for hinges: CLIP top BLUMOTION. Soft-close BLUMOTION is seamlessly integrated into the cup. Blum India is established.

    SERVO-DRIVE for lift systems

    Blum New Zealand is established. The SERVO-DRIVE electric opening feature is also available for lift systems.

    More subsidiaries and new innovations

    Blum North Africa and Blum Portugal are established. The new MOVENTO runner system and the new LEGRABOX are presented for the first time.

Company history

The name Blum stands for innovation, dedicated employees and top quality products. Julius Blum founded his company March 1, 1952 and produced his first product: a horseshoe stud.

Blum subsidiaries:

  • 1977: Blum Sweden, Blum USA
  • 1978: Blum Canada
  • 1981: Blum Germany
  • 1987: Blum UK
  • 1989: Blum Norway
  • 1991: Blum France
  • 1992: Blum Poland
  • 1993: Blum Czech Republic
  • 1994: Blum Hungary
  • 1995: Blum Romania
  • 1996: Blum Turkey
  • 1997: Blum Australia, Blum Russia
  • 1998: Blum Brazil
  • 2001: Blum South East Asia
  • 2002: Blum China
  • 2005: Blum Ukraine
  • 2006: Blum Hong Kong
  • 2007: Blum Mexico
  • 2008: Blum Kazakhstan, Blum Vietnam
  • 2009: Blum India
  • 2010: Blum New Zealand
  • 2011: Blum North Africa, Blum Portugal
  • 2012: Blum Greece
  • 2016: Azerbaijan
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