Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2015

The Blum Lounge

Come visit us in the North hall at booth 2636 in Las Vegas, NV

Blum has an additional 20' x 30' booth, called the Blum Lounge, across the aisle from their main booth, at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show January 20 - 22. This year the lounge showcases the research Blum has been conducting over the past 20+ years. Three storage towers hold typical kitchen storage goods, letting visitors see just how much needs to be stored in a kitchen. Images throughout the lounge tell the story of DYNAMIC SPACE, Blum's idea for a more functional kitchen. The AGE EXPLORER suit, is also on display, as it has been in years past. The AGE EXPLORER® is a suit that enables the wearer to experience physical limitations in a realistic way. The suit simulates decreasing mobility due to the natural aging process or other physical limitations. The wearer feels the physical limitations within minutes, which enables them to get an up-close-and-personal experience of how aging affects daily kitchen work.

Also, for the first time, Blum is revealing their "test drive kitchen". The test drive kitchen consists of zoned cabinets on wheels. Each cabinet is equipped with the storage goods that make sense in that zone of the kitchen. Having the cabinets on wheels allows visitors to simulate working in a kitchen - opening and closing drawers to access the storage goods - and rearrange the layout, if necessary. The purpose of this exercise is to get everyone thinking about the fact that people invest a lot of money when they remodel a kitchen. Seldom do we buy a new car without first test driving it; so why does our industry expect them to forego a test drive, when buying a new kitchen?

If you're not able to attend KBIS, check back in the weeks after, to see a video overview of the Blum lounge.

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