AGE EXPLORER®Preparing for the future by choosing quality hardware


Knowing today what the future will bring

Buying a kitchen is a big investment and not very easy to change as the years go by. Personal needs determine how your kitchen should be planned, but you also need to take into consideration the fact that your needs will change in the future.

Blum has made sure to test our products against those future needs with the use of the AGE EXPLORER® suit.

AGE EXPLORER® is a registered trademark of the Meyer-Hentschel Institute.

Age simulation suit: AGE EXPLORER®

Aging in minutes

While wearing the AGE EXPLORER®, the wearer experiences physical limitations. It simulates typical physical limitations for movement, sight, touch and hearing that naturally occur as we age. These are unfortunately very important things to consider when planning a kitchen you plan to use for years to come.

Products that offer comfort of motion for everyone

The AGE EXPLORER® supports the development of products that bring the kitchen user long-term ergonomic benefits. Think about all of the changes the body goes through as we age, Blum strives to develop products that will make working in the kitchen an easy task for everyone – at any stage in life.

What to keep in mind when buying a kitchen

There are many things to consider when planning a kitchen.

Kitchen work made easier

Everything at a glance

Ergonomic - even in corner cabinets

The "Wow!" factor

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