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How often do you find yourself wishing your kitchen had more storage space? Below we have summarized the main points to consider during your planning process, to ensure you make use of all the available space in your kitchen.
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Storage needs are unique to you

Household size and lifestyle

Anyone who has a large family, or enjoys entertaining, should plan more storage for items such as flatware, dishes, pots, pans, and utensils.

Cooking and shopping habits

Your cooking and shopping habits determine the storage space that you need. Someone who shops in bulk has different storage needs than someone who shops weekly. The same is true for someone who loves to cook and bake vs. someone who prefers to eat out more often.

Make the most of available space

Wide drawers give you more storage space

Instead of two small drawers, choosing a wide cabinet can gain you up to 15% more storage space.

Deep drawers

Deeper drawers can add up to 55% more space.

Think inside the box

Storage space where there was none: U-shape sink drawer

Utilize the space around a sink! Or, depending on the sink bowl - just use two drawers on either side.


The SPACE CORNER allows you to store small and large items in the corner. Drawers bring the very back corner all the way out in plain view.

The pantry

Blum's pantry solution provides ample storage space and is easy to use. You can open the interior roll-outs individually and access contents from the front and both sides.

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