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An organized kitchen saves time, distances, and frustration. Learn more about the importance of a smooth workflow for your kitchen, and how it is much more than cabinet arrangement.
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Kitchen planning begins here

To create a smooth workflow in the kitchen, it is important to ensure that distances are as short as possible and everything is just where it should be. Organized, full extension drawers in base cabinets bring the contents of the cabinet into full view for quick and easy access, while lift systems get doors up and out of the way.

Shortened distances for every kitchen

Consider everyday tasks

When planning a kitchen it is important to consider daily kitchen activities to make sure your kitchen is arranged in a way that will be easy to navigate. Click on the images below to see some examples.

Emptying the dishwasher

Think about what is in the dishwasher most often - plan cabinets that allow you to store those items close by.

Shorten distances when emptying the dishwasher
Slide show: Shorten distances when emptying the dishwasher

Making breakfast

Who has enough time in the morning? Don't you wish everything for breakfast was right there waiting for you? We can't promise that your breakfast will be prepared when you get up, but we will suggest that you think about what you want to store in each cabinet, as well as consider how the cabinets are arranged. Do they hold the items that you need, where you need them? Is it easy to retrieve the items you need or is there a lot of walking, kneeling, reaching, etc.?

Making breakfast in a stress-free environment
Slide show: Making breakfast in a stress-free environment


By storing cooking utensils in a drawer under the cooktop, or oils and spices in a cabinet beside the stove, it makes kitchen work that much easier.

Cooking made easy
Slide show: Store things where you use them

Kitchen Zones

Speak with your kitchen designer about your personal/family habits so they can create workspaces arranged in a way that suit your needs. We call these zones, which store everything exactly where you need it.

Kitchen zones

Better access to the things you need

Full extension

By using full extension drawers in base cabinets, you can bring the very back corner all the way out to your fingertips.

Interior organization


Organize items by frequency of use

Specific storage items are used more frequently than others. Store the items that are used daily closer to the countertop and seldom used items in the top or very bottom level of cabinets.

Drawers and lift systems instead of doors

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