AVENTOS HK: Stay lift system

With AVENTOS HK, doors swing up and stay out of the way no matter where they are stopped. Because of its unique opening action, it is ideal for cabinets above the refrigerator, accent cabinets, and wall cabinets.

Product information:

AVENTOS HK works with medium and small cabinets, ranging in size from:

  • Cabinet heights from 11-13/16" to 24"
  • Cabinet widths from 15" to 72"

AVENTOS HK applications

More pictures of AVENTOS HK


Installing AVENTOS lift systems is easier than you may think. In fact, the lever arms and doors snap together without using tools. Doors can even be adjusted in three directions using only a screw driver. Blum also offers templates that make installation a breeze. Use the link below to learn more about our assembly aids.

Blum assembly aids

Benefits at a glance:

  • Full access to the inside of the cabinet
  • Doors that stay open at any location and close silently
  • Easy to install and adjust
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