AGE EXPLORER® Perfect motion for years to come

AGE EXPLORER®, the age simulator suit

Know today what your requirements might be tomorrow

Buying a kitchen is usually a big purchase that is often very difficult to change later on. A kitchen lasts about 20 years on average. So it should not only meet your current requirements, but also those of the future. To predict those future needs, it's a good idea to investigate the requirements of kitchen users of all ages. To this end, Blum uses an age simulator suit – the AGE EXPLORER® - and has been rather successful.

AGE EXPLORER® is a trademark of the Meyer-Hentschel Institute.

Age simulator suit - AGE EXPLORER®

Feel the impact of old age within minutes

The AGE EXPLORER lets you feel what age-related limitations are like. Various components imitate, for example, stiff joints, muscle fatigue and impaired vision and hearing. Wear the suit and find out for yourself what special needs you will have when, for example, using your kitchen.

Products that offer top quality motion for everyone

The AGE EXPLORER® promotes the development of products that give kitchen users long-term, ergonomic benefits. The insights we gain from AGE EXPLORER tests are incorporated into the development of new products.

Think about the future when you buy a new kitchen

If you think about optimal equipment before you buy your new kitchen, you can rest assured that everyday kitchen use will be easy and enjoyable for many years to come.

Kitchen chores made easy

Everything at a glance

Good ergonomics even in corners

Effortless opening

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