Blum'sInspirations Boulevard

  • Living worlds with Blum

    Stroll down our Inspirations Boulevard and visit the colourful living worlds of Blum.

    Click the windows of the houses in the street or choose a specific living area you'd like inspirational ideas for. Visit different families and discover functional and eye-catching applications of Blum products in real homes.

  • Blum fittings for kitchens

    Solutions that make cooking a piece of cake, and practical cabinets that make optimal use of storage space. These families have found interesting ways of bringing top functionality and enhanced user convenience to their kitchens.

  • Blum fittings for bathrooms

    The couples have found creative ways of combining functionality with elegance in their homes. Be inspired by very special bathrooms and very practical solutions!

  • Blum fittings for living-rooms

    Clever details make the living-rooms extra special to their owners.

  • Blum fittings for hallways

    Space must be put to optimal use in entrance areas. Be inspired by our examples and discover what you can do with Blum products!

  • Blum fittings for bedrooms

    Functionality is catching on in bedrooms. Functional furniture helps you create extra storage space and ensures easy access to jumpers, trousers, etc.

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