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You can never have enough storage space. Our video sums up the most important tips for creating plenty of storage space. Get some good storage space ideas!
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Storage space needs differ

Size of household and lifestyle

If you've got a big family, you'll need more storage space - especially for crockery, pots and pans and food. Your storage space requirements can also depend on your personal lifestyle, for example, if you regularly entertain guests.

Cooking and buying habits

If you like to cook complicated dishes, make sure you have enough space for special cooking utensils and equipment. If you go shopping often, you'll need less space for provisions than someone who does bulk buying once or twice a month.

Make optimal use of storage space

Wide pull-outs give you more storage space

By using a wide pull-out instead of two narrow ones, you can create up to 15% more storage space.

Higher pull-outs give you more storage space

Higher pull-outs with closed side panels use every inch of storage space available. Items can be stacked more easily and you gain up to 55% more space.

Deeper pull-outs give you more storage space

Use deeper pull-outs if you've got enough space. This produces up to 30% more storage space.

Create new storage space

Blum's sink pull-out creates new storage space

Use a pull-out instead of a cover panel. And you have storage space in places you would never have imagined. You might even fit in two pull-outs depending on the cabinet construction.

The SPACE CORNER for spacious corner drawers

You can make optimal use of the space in corners with the SPACE CORNER cabinet. Cutlery, knives and odds and ends are well organised and within easy reach.

The SPACE TOWER for all your provisions

Blum's SPACE TOWER larder unit has five pull-outs that open individually to provide plenty of space for all your provisions. It comes in various widths, so you can choose the size that best suits your storage space needs.

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