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Good kitchen planning saves time


A well-organised kitchen saves time and energy. Our video will show you how you can make workflows simple and ensure that everything's within easy reach!
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The basis of kitchen planning

Meal preparation and clean-up are normally recurring activities or "workflows". The layout of your kitchen depends on your personal habits. If you're short of time in the morning, you want everything you need for breakfast within easy reach. It's easy to minimise the number of steps you have to take in your kitchen. By using ergonomic solutions, you have everything immediately to hand.

Every kitchen can have optimal workflows

Typical activities

Cooking can be a piece of cake if you think about smooth workflows in the early planning stage. Click on the slide shows for examples of simple workflows.

Emptying the dishwasher

Organisation is half the battle. Wouldn't it be nice to empty your dishwasher in a flash? No problem if you keep crockery close by.

The fast and efficient way to empty your dishwasher
Slide show: Emptying the dishwasher in a flash

Making breakfast

Like to have your cornflakes out in a jiffy? Keep together everything you need for breakfast. And you can start the day relaxed.

The fast and easy way to make breakfast
Slide show: Everything for breakfast is close at hand

Preparing meals

You’ll have more time to enjoy yourself if you keep everything you need for cooking close to the cook top. Store pots, pans and wooden spoons in a pull-out under the cook top and bottles of oil and spices in a pull-out close by.

Cooking made easy
Slide show: Cooking utensils always within easy reach

Make your life easier - Divide your kitchen into zones

A kitchen planner needs to know your personal cooking habits prior to planning your kitchen. The functional area’s can then be planned and assigned to “zones”. As a result, you'll have everything you need exactly where you need it.

Kitchen zones make every kitchen efficient

Give yourself easy access

Full extension

Full extensions

Optimise access with drawers that can be fully extended. Full extensions give you clear visibility and easy access to all contents.

Inner dividers and kitchen accessories

Ergonomic levels

Organise items according to frequency of use

You use certain items more often than others. Keep those you use constantly at an easy-to-reach level. Keep seldom used items at the top or bottom of your kitchen.

Opt for pull-outs and lift systems instead of doors

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