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Assembly instructions and videos for optimal assembly

Helping you assemble Blum products

We would like you to be able to assemble Blum products as quickly and efficiently as possible. We not only design our products for easy, tool-free assembly, but also offer special assembly devices for many of our products and provide useful additional support.

Achieving optimal performance requires precise assembly: for ease of use that will inspire your customers.

We will help you with assembly devices and useful documentation in the form of instructions and videos. Our well-trained employees will gladly assist you.

Assembly devices

Assembly must be precise for Blum products to function optimally. Blum's assembly devices will help you. Find out more about Blum's wide range of insertion and drilling machines, templates, jigs and assembly devices.

More about assembly devices

Support for installation on site

We also offer useful installation videos for furniture fitters. There is a special section in our Media Center which comprises videos on the installation, removal and adjustment of Blum products.

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Media Center

Our Media Center not only gives you operating instructions for our products and assembly devices, but also provides assembly instructions for all our products. You will also find many videos about installation, removal and adjustment in the Media Center.

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Blum videos on YouTube

Technical consultation

Our support engineers are highly skilled and well versed in Blum products. They will appreciate and put your feedback to good use.

Put your questions about our products and services to our experts. They will be happy to advise you.

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