Using the Blum brand

Recommendations for using Blum design elements

We have produced this document to help you incorporate Blum design elements in your advertising material. This document is designed to tell you more about our brand values.

Recommendations for using Blum design elements

"Recommendations for using Blum design elements" is a brochure that is designed to help our customers and partners create their own marketing measures.

We answer questions such as,

  • How do I use the Blum logo?
  • Which images and texts should I choose?
  • How should Blum product names be written?

Our customers and partners can obtain the brochure from their personal Blum contact or they can download it from our MARKETING INFORMATION SERVICE (MAIS).

Open document in MAIS (only for registered users)

Please drop us a short note whenever you use the Blum logo or any other design element in your marketing materials. We just want to know how and where you use our brand elements for advertising.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with your personal contact or contact the Corporate Design office in Hoechst, Austria.

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