TANDEMBOX intivoThe individual line

TANDEMBOX intivo - The pull-out system for creative furniture design

TANDEMBOX intivo - A tall design for individual ideas

TANDEMBOX intivo has a special drawer side which lets you personalise your design. You can either opt for a sleek and classic design with BOXCAP, an add-on in the same material and colour as the drawer side; or pick a design element of your choice attached with a BOXCOVER. Closed and seamless side panels produce a harmonious result.

TANDEMBOX intivo has a consistent colour scheme. Drawer side, BOXCOVER, BOXCAP and the front parts of inner pull-outs are all coordinated in terms of colour and material.


  • Selection of colours and materials: Silk white, terra black, stainless steel
  • Inner pull-out front fixing is made of the same material; the colour of nylon parts matches that of drawer sides
  • Installation heights: N, M, C (with BOXCOVER) and D (with BOXCOVER and BOXCAP)
  • Nominal lengths: 270 - 650 mm
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Assembly and adjustment

TANDEMBOX intivo can be assembled without tools within a matter of seconds. Integrated 3-dimensional front adjustment (height, side and tilt) is quick and easy through an opening on the drawer side.

TANDEMBOX intivo – removing/replacing the design element
TANDEMBOX intivo – ORGA-LINE assembly
TANDEMBOX intivo design element with BOXCOVER – for delicate fronts
TANDEMBOX intivo tilt adjustment
TANDEMBOX intivo height adjustment
TANDEMBOX intivo side adjustment
Blum assembly devices

Advantages at a glance:

  • Multitude of design possibilities
  • Balanced proportions and seamless design
  • Easy assembly and 3-dimensional front adjustment
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