AVENTOS HL wall cabinet for dinnerware

The front lifts up parallel to the cabinet

AVENTOS wall cabinets provide quick and easy access to glasses and dinnerware. The front lifts up parallel to the cabinet, giving you clear visibility of contents. And clean glasses can be swiftly cleared away if your dishwasher is close by.

Freedom of movement

Fronts equipped with the AVENTOS lift up system lift up parallel to the cabinet and out of your way. No hitting your head on cabinet doors and easy access to the glass you’re looking for.

Comes in various heights and widths

The wall cabinet comes in various widths and heights and offers great scope for design. Cabinet heights of 350 cm to 580 mm and widths of up to 1800 mm are possible.

Supreme ease

Even heavy and wide fronts open with ease and have a feather-light glide. Handles are always within easy reach thanks to the variable stop. Soft and effortless closing is guaranteed with soft-close BLUMOTION.

One-touch opening

The SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system brings enhanced convenience to AVENTOS lift systems. Cabinets open at a single touch and close again at the press of an easy-to-reach switch.

All advantages at a glance

  • Front moves up and out of your way

  • Easy access to glasses and dinnerware

  • Flexible: available in heights of 350 to 580 mm and widths of up to 1800 mm

  • Even wide and heavy fronts open and close with ease

  • Handle is always within easy reach thanks to variable stop

  • Can be implemented with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system

  • Soft and effortless closing with BLUMOTION

  • Ideal for niche cabinets with cabinets above

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