SPACE TWIN for cooking and baking utensils

Clever use of every inch

When planning your kitchen you’re often left with small spaces that can’t be put to optimal use. Narrow cabinets make the most of those awkward gaps and create valuable storage space, for example for baking trays and cooking utensils. To make things more practical, have SPACE TWIN close to the oven and hob. This will shorten distances and guarantee smooth workflows in your kitchen.

The easy way to create extra storage space

SPACE TWIN makes use of even the smallest space by creating valuable storage. Baking trays and other cooking accessories are immediately to hand. A minimum width of 150 mm is required.

Small but strong

Diagonally offset runners provide high lateral stability and a high load bearing capacity of up to 20 kg per cabinet so the pull-out can easily handle the weight of all kinds of baking utensils.

Easy to use

Narrow cabinets also bring enhanced user convenience to your kitchen. The pull-out has a feather-light glide and closes softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION - even when heavily laden.

All advantages at a glance

  • SPACE TWIN turns small spaces into valuable storage

  • Clever storage of baking trays and other baking utensils

  • Ideal position close to hob and oven

  • Minimum width of 150 mm required

  • High load bearing capacity of up to 20 kg per cabinet

  • High lateral stability thanks to diagonally offset runners

  • Feather-light glide even when heavily laden

  • Soft and effortless closing with soft-close BLUMOTION

Would you like to have this practical cabinet in your kitchen too? Tell your kitchen planner now!


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