Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Efficiently offering variety with award-winning design

The MERIVOBOX platform has many variants that are assembled in the same way.

MERIVOBOX is an impressive and uniform platform that allows you to create a broad range of drawers with just a few components for which manufacturing and assembly are identical. With its minimalist design, the multiple award-winning box system simplifies production processes and increases manufacturing efficiency.


The idea behind the MERIVOBOX platform is simple manufacturing and great variety. With just a few different components, manufacturers can create a great many variants, ranging from entry-level to premium class: with gallery, gallery with design element, BOXCOVER with design element, metallic closed with BOXCAP, or as the monolithic, high fronted pull-out option MERIVOBOX pure – all the kitchen purchaser’s wishes in terms of height and depth can be met quickly and easily with just one fixing position. Even in combination with motion technologies such as BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON BLUMOTION, with side stabiliser or as an inner drawer, assembly always stays the same. The cabinet is always drilled in the same way and the manufacturer can then decide which solution to install. No work needs to be performed on the drawer base, and the drilling position of the front and the front fixing bracket always stays the same. This simplifies processes and makes furniture manufacturing more efficient.

Innovative runner system meets minimalist design

The innovative L-shape of the brand-new runner system ensures high stability and load bearing capacity. In addition to the synchronised feather-light glide, the high level of front stability opens up new possibilities in kitchen design. Kitchen users experience maximum functionality combined with stunning design. The characteristic look with clear lines and a unique design also gives MERIVOBOX a distinctive appearance. Last year, the minimalist design of the box system won the German Design Award and the iF Design Award, followed by the prestigious red dot Award in 2021. The juries were impressed by the minimalist design and the simple manufacturing and assembly process that stays the same for all variants.

Three box systems with different focuses

Along with MERIVOBOX, Blum provides two more double walled box systems to meet the different requirements of furniture manufacturers and furniture users. Each of the three box systems has a feather-light glide, and meets quite specific demands: LEGRABOX provides a high level of freedom in terms of design and customisation, TANDEMBOX provides a clear programme for efficient manufacturing, and MERIVOBOX shows off its flexibility as a platform system with numerous options and minimalist aesthetics while assembly stays the same. The Austrian fittings manufacturer’s metallic drawers have different drawer side add-ons, colours and finishes, offering a range of possibilities in furniture design − especially in the kitchen, but in all other living areas as well.

MERIVOBOX allows you to create a broad range with just a few components – and all with the same easy assembly process

A uniform box platform allows a great many variants to be efficiently produced

The minimalist design of the box system fits into all living spaces and has already won multiple awards


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