Living with Blum - The Bechter Family

Plenty of space for the whole family

We’d like to show you what you can do with Blum products! Oskar and Daniela Bechter live with their two children Raúl und Elena in their beautiful home in Vorarlberg, Austria. Find out about the clever details that make their home so very special.


There are no handles on fronts, but all cabinets have SERVO-DRIVE. So everything opens at a single touch. Daniela has had a switch fitted so that the electric opening system can be simply switched off for cleaning.

Cabinets close at the press of a switch

The elegant wall cabinet is extremely easy to use thanks to SERVO-DRIVE. Fronts open automatically at a single touch and provide easy access to glasses, mugs, coffee and tea sets.

‘I soon got used to pressing a switch to close cabinets,’ says Daniela smiling.

Cooking for little princesses

Daughter Elena likes to help Mum in the kitchen. Her pink utensils make cooking all the more fun. The ORGA-LINE inner dividing system organises the drawer under the hob - for big and little chefs.

Square plates fit into round holders

‘I wanted to have square plates, but they had to be safe in pull-outs,’ confides Daniela. It's a good thing that Blum's plate holder is flexible and can securely hold up to 12 plates. Plates are protected and stay as good as new in the pull-out.

Practical cabinets for your kitchen

The Bechters attached great importance to having practical cabinets. They make everyday kitchen use easier and provide plenty of storage space. Discover even more practical solutions and add more convenience and functionality to your kitchen.

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Living room

The Bechters have also implemented some interesting details in their living room.


Touch and hey presto!

‘Our stove fitter had the brilliant idea of using the same parquet panels for cabinet fronts.’ ‘Handles wouldn't look right,’ says Oskar. Thanks to SERVO-DRIVE, drawers open electrically at a single touch and close softly and effortlessly.

‘Sometimes, I nudge it with my foot - it’s really great!’

Beautiful within and without

The children's favourite drawer is filled with their heroes' adventures. They're so engrossed in picking out a video for the evening that they don't even notice the personalised side panels of the TANDEMBOX intivo pull-out. But Daniela loves the design: ‘It was so difficult to decide on the material. But leather has a warm feel and is really special.’


Function meets comfort - a well-being hub for the whole family.


A whole drawer to myself

Walnut is used throughout the home and is elegantly carried through to the bathroom. Daniela's greatest wish, however, was to have enough space. Thanks to a clever layout and optimal use of space, e.g. behind the mirror, there's a special pull-out for every child. ‘This drawer is mine and mine alone,’ says son Raúl with pride.

Mirror hideaway

Mum's perfumes and items that should be kept out of reach of children, i.e. medication, fit nicely behind the big mirror. The CLIP top CRISTALLO hinge gives you large mirror doors on the outside and inside without any fuss.


The hallway is the first thing that catches your eye. Countless accessories have been beautifully tidied away.


Space a-plenty for all my wives’ scarves

The walnut cabinet offers enough space for the family's jackets, shoes and accessories. ‘My wife had a special drawer designed for her collection of scarves. You can open it right out,’ says Oskar. The TANDEM runner for wooden drawers also has a feather-light glide and soft close.

No more banging doors!

Winter caps, gloves and slippers are tidily kept in the upper part of the cabinet. ‘And doors don't slam any more,’ he adds happily. That's thanks to CLIP top BLUMOTION, the hinge with integrated soft close.


‘The door opens up nice and wide so it's easy to fit in large boxes.’  


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