Izjave za javnost podjetja Blum

Aktualne izjave za tisk podjetja Blum

Aktualne izjave za tisk – storitev s klikom miške

Tukaj vam predstavljamo aktualne izjave za javnost, ki naj vam bodo v pomoč pri vašem delu. Preberite naše spletne strani, preglejte izjave za javnost in slike ali zahtevajte izjave po e-pošti.

Izjave za javnost

  • Julius Blum GmbH

    Blum turnover up again in the 2014/2015 financial year

    Despite different developments in different market regions, the Blum Group increased its turnover yet again in the 2014/2015 financial year, thanks to product innovations, international market presence, consistent investments and the high degree of flexibility on the part of its employees.
  • Julius Blum GmbH

    Blum: Razveseljiv pozitiven izid poslovnega leta 2013/2014

    Inovacije na področju izdelkov, dober razvoj pomembnih tržišč ter regionalne in mednarodne investicije so pozitivno vplivale na poslovno leto 2013/2014 skupine Blum. Družinsko podjetje je v primerjavi s prejšnjim letom doseglo 9,4 % prodajno rast.
  • Concept study on wall cabinets

    Blum concept study on user-friendly wall cabinets

    Blum strives to bring greater user convenience to furniture (especially in kitchens) and made the most of this year’s interzum to discuss its latest study on ergonomic wall cabinets with experts from all over the world.
  • Furniture opens handless and closes soft and silent

    Blum concept study: TIP-ON BLUMOTION – mechanical opening system with soft close

    Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum presented its latest concept study on soft close for box and runner systems with a mechanical opening system to an international audience at interzum 2013.
  • New box system LEGRABOX

    Blum’s new LEGRABOX box system – Experience elegance

    This new box system boasts a sleek and clear-cut design and has already won several international design awards. It now also comes with the matching AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system.
  • Hinge system CLIP top BLUMOTION

    Blum – large range of applications for hinges with integrated soft close

    CLIP top BLUMOTION, the innovative hinge solution by Blum, has all the components needed for soft and effortless closing integrated into the hinge. The hinge comes in a wide range of types (now also with an opening angle of 107°) to offer the right solution for every door.
  • Box system TANDEMBOX antaro

    TANDEMBOX antaro by Blum – a diverse box system with new design possibilities

    Blum’s tried and tested TANDEMBOX box system comes in three lines: plus, antaro and intivo. The antaro line now offers new design possibilities.
  • MOVENTO by Blum

    MOVENTO – the runner system for high-quality motion and enhanced adjustment ease

    Blum’s concealed runner system for wooden drawers and pull-outs excels in terms of motion – from opening to closing. And now MOVENTO can also be mounted to the cabinet base.
  • Addition to AVENTOS programme

    Blum offers a diverse programme of lift systems for the entire home

    Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum offers a comprehensive programme of lift systems for wall cabinets, covering a great many applications. Presented for the first time at interzum: the new AVENTOS HK-XS stay lift.
  • Tradeshow gift to “Light for the World”

    Blum’s tradeshow donation goes to “Light for the World”

    Tradeshow visitors again forwent their tradeshow gifts and signed Blum’s visitors’ book for a good cause. The interzum donation will be used to finance eye operations in the poor regions of the world.
  • Blum strives to perfect motion

    Blum – innovation is the driving force for the future

    Fittings manufacturer Julius Blum is second in Austria’s patents ranking. The company’s innovative edge culiminates in its nomination for the European Inventor Award 2013.
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