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Comunicate de presă

  • Julius Blum GmbH

    Blum turnover up again in the 2014/2015 financial year

    Despite different developments in different market regions, the Blum Group increased its turnover yet again in the 2014/2015 financial year, thanks to product innovations, international market presence, consistent investments and the high degree of flexibility on the part of its employees.
  • TIP-ON BLUMOTION – an inspiring combination of opening and closing ease

    Blum now offers a mechanical opening support system combined with soft close

    To provide enhanced opening ease for handle-less fronts, Blum not only offers an electric opening support system but also a mechanical solution: TIP-ON. TIP-ON is now available in combination with BLUMOTION for soft and effortless closing. TIP-ON BLUMOTION brings supreme ease of use to handle-less furniture – in kitchens and throughout the home. The innovation is the winner of this year’s Red Dot Award 2015 for top quality design.
  • Pull-out system TANDEMBOX

    Blum optimises tried and tested pull-out system

    Blum has further optimised its tried and tested box system that consists of three different programme lines. TANDEMBOX plus, antaro and intivo now have an even better opening feel, are extremely stable and boast even smoother running characteristics.
  • Social project “Light for the World”

    interzum donation to social projects for the last 30 years

    Visitors to Blum’s booth at interzum have been forgoing their fair gifts and supporting social projects for the last 30 years. This year’s interzum donation again went to “Light for the World”. The money will be used to finance eye operations for people in the poor regions of the world.
  • For more comfort in the whole kitchen - SERVO-DRIVE single applications

    New! Electric motion support system now also for refrigerators and freezers

    Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum now also offers its SERVO-DRIVE electric motion support system for sophisticated individual applications. New! The electric motion support system for conventional built-in refrigerators and freezers. With appropriate planning, it can also be used for dishwashers. The individual application for lift systems and waste pull-outs has already proven its worth.
  • SPACE TOWER, the flexible larder unit with inner pull-outs

    New design option for Blum’s SPACE TOWER larder unit

    A larder unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose interior can be tailored to individual needs and that provides easy access from all three sides – that’s the SPACE TOWER by Blum. NEW! Blum’s larder unit now comes in a new design: LEGRABOX free. The glass design elements provide clear visibility from all three sides. And if you want to open handle-less fronts with ease, opt for Blum’s mechanical or electric opening support system.
  • Important trend: handle-less furniture throughout the home

    1-3-4 – 1 theme, 3 applications, 4 motion technologies and a wide array of possibilities

    Handle-less furniture is the ongoing trend – for your kitchen and entire home. Austrian fittings specialist Blum offers 3 applications (lift system, hinges and pull-outs) and 4 motion technologies (BLUMOTION, TIP-ON, SERVO-DRIVE and the new TIP-ON BLUMOTION) to produce countless solutions on the theme of HANDLE-LESS furniture. Blum’s wide product range gives you the right solution for every application and brings function and ease-of-use to handle-less furniture.
  • Modern product presentation with digital magazines

    Blum apps hold out new possibilities for mobile end devices

    Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum offers numerous new digital services that allow you to present design ideas with impressive ease, for example in talks with customers. In future, apps will also provide furniture fitters with important information about the assembly and adjustment of Blum fittings on site. Blum’s new services are quick, practical and digital.
  • Diverse range of hinges for various applications and almost every type of installation

    The right soft-close hinge for every door

    Blum’s innovative CLIP top BLUMOTION delivers soft and effortless closing with all the components integrated into the hinge boss. The hinge comes in a wide range of models, giving you the right solution for every door. Blum also offers a convenient opening support system to meet the latest trend towards handle-less doors.
  • AVENTOS for handle-less wall cabinets

    Blum’s versatile range of lift systems meets the trend towards handle-less fronts

    Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum offers a comprehensive range of lift systems for wall cabinets. No matter whether large or small front, with or without handles – the fittings specialist from Hoechst has lift systems to suit almost every application. What is more, Blum’s motion technologies bring enhanced opening ease and soft close to handle-less furniture fronts.
  • Innovative fittings solutions support the trend towards handle-less furniture

    Blum’s product innovations at interzum 2015

    Blum will make the most of the international trendsetting show in Cologne to present numerous innovations. The trend is unmistakable. Handle-less fronts are still very much in vogue.
  • Julius Blum GmbH

    Blum: Creştere îmbucurătoare pentru exerciţiul financiar 2013/2014

    Inovaţiile în domeniul produselor, dezvoltarea benefică a pieţelor importante şi investiţiile regionale şi internaţionale au avut un efect pozitiv pentru grupul Blum în exerciţiul financiar 2013/2014. Această companie de familie a înregistrat o creştere de vânzări de 9,4% faţă de anul precedent.
  • The award-winning team from Blum

    Prestigious award for soft-close system by Blum

    BLUMOTION – the soft-close system that has become a standard feature of modern furniture – won the European Inventor Award 2013 in Amsterdam today.
  • New box system LEGRABOX

    Blum’s new LEGRABOX box system – Experience elegance

    This new box system boasts a sleek and clear-cut design and has already won several international design awards. It now also comes with the matching AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system.
  • Hinge system CLIP top BLUMOTION

    Blum – large range of applications for hinges with integrated soft close

    CLIP top BLUMOTION, the innovative hinge solution by Blum, has all the components needed for soft and effortless closing integrated into the hinge. The hinge comes in a wide range of types (now also with an opening angle of 107°) to offer the right solution for every door.
  • Box system TANDEMBOX antaro

    TANDEMBOX antaro by Blum – a diverse box system with new design possibilities

    Blum’s tried and tested TANDEMBOX box system comes in three lines: plus, antaro and intivo. The antaro line now offers new design possibilities.
  • MOVENTO by Blum

    MOVENTO – the runner system for high-quality motion and enhanced adjustment ease

    Blum’s concealed runner system for wooden drawers and pull-outs excels in terms of motion – from opening to closing. And now MOVENTO can also be mounted to the cabinet base.
  • Addition to AVENTOS programme

    Blum offers a diverse programme of lift systems for the entire home

    Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum offers a comprehensive programme of lift systems for wall cabinets, covering a great many applications. Presented for the first time at interzum: the new AVENTOS HK-XS stay lift.
  • Tradeshow gift to “Light for the World”

    Blum’s tradeshow donation goes to “Light for the World”

    Tradeshow visitors again forwent their tradeshow gifts and signed Blum’s visitors’ book for a good cause. The interzum donation will be used to finance eye operations in the poor regions of the world.
  • Blum strives to perfect motion

    Blum – innovation is the driving force for the future

    Fittings manufacturer Julius Blum is second in Austria’s patents ranking. The company’s innovative edge culiminates in its nomination for the European Inventor Award 2013.
  • Blum’s new LEGRABOX box system – Experience elegance

    Blum’s new LEGRABOX box system

    This new box system boasts a sleek and clear-cut design and has already won several international design awards.
  • Another design award for Blum’s TANDEMBOX intivo

    Design award for TANDEMBOX intivo

    The TANDEMBOX intivo product line has won yet another award, the German Design Award 2013. Blum’s TANDEMBOX pull-out system comprises three different lines in all, offering a multitude of design options and possibilities of differentiation.
  • Deschiderea mobilei fără mânere cu TIP-ON pentru MOVENTO

    Glisieră MOVENTO nouă cu funcţie TIP-ON integrată

    MOVENTO, sistemul de glisare ascuns pentru sertare şi extrageri din lemn, este disponibil acum şi cu asistenţa mecanică la deschidere TIP-ON integrată.
  • TANDEMBOX antaro cu lonjeron dreptunghiular

    TANDEMBOX antaro realizat de Blum – un sistem variat pentru cutii de sertar ce oferă posibilităţi noi de configurare

    Mult încercatul şi apreciatul sistem TANDEMBOX al firmei Blum pentru construcţia de sertare este disponibil în versiunile plus, antaro şi intivo. Linia de program antaro oferă acum posibilităţi suplimentare de configurare.
  • Asistenţă mecanică la deschidere pentru uşi pivotante mici cu deschidere în sus

    TIP-ON pentru AVENTOS HK-S

    Producătorul austriac de feronerii pentru mobilă Blum oferă acum asistenţa sa mecanică la deschidere TIP-ON şi pentru AVENTOS HK-S, sistemul de ridicare pentru uşi pivotante mici, uşurând astfel deschiderea fronturilor fără mâner.
  • Sistemul de gestionare a energiei certificat pentru prima oară conform ISO 50001

    Protejarea mediului joacă un rol important la Blum

    Producătorul de feronerii Blum a obţinut o nouă recunoaştere a eforturilor sale consistente în domeniul protecţiei mediului. Sistemul exemplar de gestionare a energiei folosit de întreprindere a fost certificat pentru prima oară conform noii norme ISO 50001.
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