Living with Blum - Julia and Enver

An elegant approach to storage space

Be inspired by our real home living solutions! Julia and Enver Mohr thought about their future requirements when designing their new home. They implemented practical solutions that provide ample storage space. In other words, there’s plenty of space for starting a family!


Julia and Enver will take pleasure in their kitchen for years to come thanks to farsighted planning.


Our feel good kitchen for the next 20 years

Julia and Enver wanted a kitchen that suits them perfectly and gives them pleasure for years to come. Everything has been well thought out down to the last detail. For example, the practical waste pull-out with inner drawers for small cleaning utensils. It's been equipped with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system so that you can nudge it open with your knee.

The spice holder

Everything you need for seasoning, marinating and refining food is kept together. All the herbs and spices can be seen at a glance thanks to the ORGA-LINE spice holder. And the cross dividers stop bottles from tipping over if the drawer is given a hard push.

‘The tilted stand means that I can easily ready all the labels on the containers.’

Enough room to start a family

‘We wanted a larder unit that gives us enough storage space..., for example, for baby food sometime in the future,’ says Julia with a wink. ‘But in the meanwhile we can use the space for other things.’ The SPACE TOWER cabinet wastes no space. Every level can be pulled out individually, providing easy access to every pack of food.

Everything you need for baking is kept together

‘I like to bake at the weekend. I normally do a plaited yeast bun for the whole family. I didn't want to have to keep the cake tins, etc. outside the kitchen,’ explains Enver, opening the high fronted pull-out, where baking trays can be kept upright thanks to a dividing wall. Small baking utensils are kept in the inner drawer to make the most of the remaining space.

Practical cabinets for your kitchen

Julia and Enver attached great importance to having practical cabinets. They make everyday kitchen use easier and provide plenty of storage space. Discover even more practical solutions and add more convenience and functionality to your kitchen!

More practical cabinet solutions


Julia and Enver’s bathroom is a spacious wellness oasis.


Elegant storage space for toiletries

‘We didn’t want anything massive but still wanted plenty of storage space. That’s why I really like this elegant item of furniture with the U-shaped drawer. There’s plenty of space for all our toiletries,’ says Enver proudly. The drawer puts the space to the left and right of the siphon to optimal use.

Towels within easy reach

‘Towels, spare shower gel, etc. all need to be kept in a bathroom. That's why we opted for a tall cabinet, where we can also keep big items,’ continues Enver. Doors with CLIP top hinges open up nice and wide and close softly and effortlessly with BLUMOTION.

‘We didn’t want anything massive but still wanted plenty of storage space.’


‘It was a personal challenge of mine to get the most out of the storage space available,’ says hobby tinkerer Enver. TANDEMBOX plus inner drawers offer easily accessible space for socks, belts, underwear, etc.

Nil space wasted

The upper part of the wardrobe has been equipped with extendable shelves. Every level can be pulled out so you can easily get to stacks of clothes at the back. The CLIP top nil protrusion hinge ensures that no space is wasted.

‘Wardrobe doors open wide so that pull-outs glide past them with ease.’


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