Base unit for kitchen utensils

Important accessories always to hand

Your worktop is where you’ll do most of your cooking and food preparation. Ideally, it’s about 900 mm wide and between the sink and hob to keep distances short and workflows simple. This base unit ensures that all your kitchen utensils are within easy reach and exactly where they are needed.

Knives are kept nice and safe

Cooking utensils and knives should always be within easy reach. AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE inner dividers organise utensils so that they’re always at your fingertips. The knife holder securely holds up to nine knives of various sizes.

Practical film dispenser

The easy way to wrap food. Blum's dispenser rod guarantees effortless dispensing and a tangle-free cut. A foil dispenser is also available from Blum.

Open packs are held securely

This is the ideal place to keep open packs of flour, sugar or pasta. The pull-out gives you clear visibility and easy access to contents. Flexible inner dividers ensure that contents will not spill.

Bowls are close to hand

Bowls are also often needed for preparing food. Keep them in a pull-out under the worktop and they’ll always be within easy reach.

All advantages at a glance

  • Ideal place for keeping kitchen utensils - directly at your worktop

  • Organised interiors with AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems

  • The knife holder securely holds up to nine knives

  • Practical film dispenser for plastic wrap and aluminium foil

  • Open packs of food will not tip over

  • Mixing bowls are within easy reach

  • Can be combined with an electrical or mechanical motion support system

Would you like to have this practical cabinet in your kitchen too? Tell your kitchen planner now!


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